CD The Complete Masters 1935-55 [Box] (CD 15837711),
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The Complete Masters 1935-55 [Box]

  • 0. DISC 1: 1935-1936:
    1. I'll Chase the Blues Away
    2. Love and Kisses
    3. Rhythm and Romance
    4. I'll Chase the Blues Away
    5. My Melancholy Baby
    6. All My Life
    7. Crying My Heart Out for You
    8. Under the Spell of the Blues
    9. When I Get Low I Get High
    10. Sing Me a Swing Song (and Let Me Dance)
    11. Little Bit Later On, A
    12. Love You're Just a Laugh
    13. Devoting My Time to You
    14. (If You Can't Sing It) You'll Have to Swing It (Mr. Paganini)
    15. Swingin' on the Reservation
    16. I Got the Spring Fever Blues
    17. Vote for Mr. Rhythm
    18. Goodnight My Love
    19. Take Another Guess
    20. Didja Mean It
    21. My Last Affair
    22. Organ Grinder's Swing, The
    23. Shine
    24. Darktown Strutters' Ball
    0. DISC 2: 1937-1938:
    1. Take Another Guess
    2. Love Marches On
    3. Big Boy Blue
    4. There's Frost on the Moon
    5. Dedicated to You
    6. Wake Up and Live
    7. You Showed Me the Way
    8. Crying Mood
    9. Love Is the Thing, So They Say
    10. All Over Nothing at All
    11. If You Ever Should Leave
    12. Everyone's Wrong But Me
    13. Deep in the Heart of the South
    14. Just a Simple Melody
    15. I Got a Guy
    16. Holiday in Harlem
    17. Rock It for Me
    18. I Want to Be Happy
    19. Dipsy Doodle, The
    20. If Dreams Come True
    21. Hallelujah!
    22. Bei Mir Bist Du Schn
    23. It's My Turn Now
    24. It's Wonderful
    0. DISC 3: 1938:
    1. I Was Doing All Right
    2. A-Tisket, A-Tasket
    3. Heart of Mine
    4. I'm Just a Jitterbug
    5. This Time It's Real
    6. (Oh, Oh) What Do You Know About Love?
    7. You Can't Be Mine (And Someone Else's Too)
    8. We Can't Go on This Way
    9. Saving Myself for You
    10. If You Only Knew
    11. Pack Up Your Sins and Go to the Devil
    12. McPherson Is Reharsin' (To Swing)
    13. Everybody Step
    14. Ella
    15. Wacky Dust
    16. Gotta Pebble in My Show
    17. I Can't Stop Loving You
    18. Strictly from Dixie
    19. Woe Is Me
    20. I Let a Tear Fall in the River
    21. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jones
    22. I Love Each Move You Make
    23. It's Foxy
    24. I Found My Yellow Basket
    0. DISC 4: 1939:
    1. Undecided
    2. 'Tain't What You Do (It's the Way That You Do It)
    3. One Side of Me
    4. My Heart Belongs to Daddy
    5. Once Is Enough for Me
    6. I Had to Live and Learn
    7. Sugar Pie
    8. It's Slumbertime Anong the Swanee
    9. I'm Up a Tree
    10. Chew-Chew-Chew (Chew Your Bubble Gum)
    11. Don't Worry About Me
    12. If Anything Happened to You
    13. If That's What You're Thinking, You're Wrong
    14. If You Ever Change Your Mind
    15. Have Mercy
    16. Little White Lies
    17. Coochi-Coochi-Coo
    18. That Was My Heart
    19. Betcha Nickel
    20. Stairway to the Stars
    21. I Want the Waiter (With the Water)
    22. That's All Brother
    23. Out of Nowhere
    24. My Last Goodbye
    0. DISC 5: 1939-1940:
    1. (I Always Dream of) Billy
    2. Please Tell Me the Truth
    3. I'm Not Complainin'
    4. You're Gonna Lose Your Gal
    5. What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry
    6. Baby, What Else Can I Do?
    7. My Wubba Dolly (Rubber Dolly)
    8. Moon Ray
    9. Is There Somebody Else?
    10. Sugar Blues
    11. Starlit Hour, The
    12. What's the Matter with Me
    13. Baby, Won't You Please Come Home
    14. If It Weren't for You
    15. Sing Song Swing
    16. Imagination
    17. Deedle-Dee-Dum
    18. Shake Down the Stars
    19. Gulf Coast Blues
    20. I Fell in Love with a Dream
    21. Five O'Clock Whistle, The
    22. So Long
    23. Louisville, KY
    24. Taking a Chance on Love
    0. DISC 6: 1940-1942:
    1. Cabin in the Sky
    2. I'm the Lonesomest Gal in Town
    3. Three Little Words
    4. Hello Ma! I Done It Again
    5. Wishful Thinking
    6. One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else, The
    7. Muffin Man, The
    8. Keep Cool, Fool
    9. No Nothing
    10. My Man
    11. I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me
    12. I Must Have That Man
    13. When My Sugar Walks Down the Street
    14. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
    15. Melinda the Mousie
    16. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
    17. Jim
    18. This Love of Mine
    19. Somebody Nobody Loves
    20. You Don't Know What Love Is
    21. Who Are You?
    22. I'm Thrilled
    23. Make Love to Me
    24. I'm Getting Mighty Lonesome for You
    0. DISC 7: 1942-1945:
    1. When I Come Back Crying (Will You Be Laughing at Me?)
    2. All I Need Is You
    3. Mama Come Home
    4. My Heart and I Decided
    5. (I Put) A Four Leaf Clover in Your Pocket
    6. He's My Guy
    7. Cow Cow Boogie
    8. Once Too Often
    9. Time Alone Will Tell
    10. Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
    11. I'm Making Believe
    12. And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine
    13. I'm Confessin' That I Love You
    14. I'm Beginning to See the Light
    15. That's the Way It Is
    16. It's Only a Paper Moon
    17. Cry You Out of My Heart
    18. Kiss Goodnight, A
    19. Benny's Coming Home on Saturday
    20. Flying Home
    21. Stone Cold Dead in the Market
    22. Petootie Pie
    23. That's Rich
    24. I'll Always Be in Love with You
    0. DISC 8: 1945-1947:
    1. I'll See You in My Dreams
    2. You Won't Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart)
    3. Frim Fram Sauce, The
    4. I'm Just a Lucky So-and-So
    5. I Didn't Mean a Word I Said
    6. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons
    7. It's a Pity to Say Goodnight
    8. Guilty
    9. Sentimental Journey
    10. BudElla (Blue Skies)
    11. Sunday Kind of Love, A
    12. That's My Desire
    13. Oh, Lady Be Good!
    14. Don't You Think I Ought to Know?
    15. You're Breakin' in a New Heart
    16. I Want to Learn About Love
    17. That Old Feeling
    18. My Baby Likes to Be-Bop
    19. No Sense
    20. How High the Moon
    21. I've Got a Feelin' I'm Fallin'
    22. You Turned the Tables on Me
    23. I Cried and Cried and Cried
    24. Robbin's Nest (Just When We're Fallin' in Love)
    0. DISC 9: 1948:
    1. Tea Leaves
    2. My Happiness
    3. It's Too Soon to Know
    4. I Can't Go On (Without You)
    5. To Make a Mistake Is Human
    6. In My Dreams
    7. I Couldn't Stay Away from You
    8. Old Mother Hubbard
    9. Someone Like You
    10. Happy Talk
    11. I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair
    12. Black Coffee
    13. Lover's Gold
    14. Baby, It's Cold Outside
    15. Don't Cry, Cry Baby
    16. Crying
    17. New Shade of Blues, A
    18. In the Evening (When the Sun Goes Down)
    19. Talk Fast, My Heart, Talk Fast
    20. I'm Waitin' for the Junkman
    21. Basin Street Blues
    22. I Hadn't Anyone Till You
    23. Dream a Little Longer
    24. Foolish Tears
    0. DISC 10: 1949-1950:
    1. Man Wrote a Song, A
    2. Fairy Tales
    3. I Gotta Have My Baby Back
    4. Baby, Won't You Say You Love Me
    5. Don'cha Go 'Way Mad
    6. Solid as a Rock
    7. I've Got the World on a String
    8. Sugarfoot Rag
    9. Peas and Rice
    10. M.I.S.S.I.S.S.I.P.P.I.
    11. I Don't Want the World
    12. Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own
    13. I'll Never Be Free
    14. Dream a Little Dream of Me
    15. Can Anyone Explain?
    16. Looking For a Boy
    17. My One and Only
    18. How Long Has This Been Going On?
    19. I've Got a Cruch on You
    20. But Not for Me
    21. Soon
    22. Someone to Watch Over Me
    23. Maybe
    24. Santa Claus Got Stuck in My Chimney
    0. DISC 11: 1950-1951:
    1. Molasses, Molasses
    2. Little Small Town Girl
    3. I Still Feel the Same About You
    4. Lonesome Gal
    5. Bean Bag Song, The
    6. Chesapeake and Ohio, The
    7. Two Little Men in the Flying Saucer
    8. Because of Rain
    9. Hot Canary, The
    10. Even as You and I
    11. Do You Really Love Me?
    12. Love You Madly
    13. Mixed Emotions
    14. Smooth Sailing
    15. Come On-A My House
    16. I Don't Want to Take a Chance
    17. There Never Was a Baby (Like My Baby)
    18. Give a Little, Give a Little
    19. Necessary Evil
    20. Oops!
    21. Would You Like to Take a Walk?
    22. Who Walks in When I Walk Out?
    23. Baby Doll
    24. What Does It Take
    0. DISC 12: 1951-1953:
    1. Lady Bug
    2. Lazy Day
    3. Airmail Special
    4. Rough Ridin'
    5. Guy Is a Guy, A
    6. Nowhere Guy
    7. Gee, But I'm Glad to Know You Love Me
    8. Goody Goody
    9. Angel Eyes
    10. Ding-Dong Boogie
    11. (If You Can't Sing It) You'll Have to Swing It (Mr. Paganini), Pts. 1-2
    12. Early Autumn
    13. Preview
    14. Trying
    15. Greatest There Is, The
    16. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
    17. Ella's Contribution to the Blues
    18. My Favorite Song
    19. Walking by the River
    20. I Can't Lie to Myself
    21. Don't Wake Me Up
    22. Blue Lou
    23. Careless
    24. I Wonder What Kind of a Guy You'd Be
    0. DISC 13: 1953-1954:
    1. When the Hands of the Clock Pray at Midnight
    2. Crying in the Chapel
    3. Empty Ballroom, An
    4. If You Don't Know, I Know Who Will
    5. Melancholy Me
    6. Somebody Bad Stole the Wedding Bell
    7. Moanin' Low
    8. Taking a Chance on Love
    9. I Wished on the Moon
    10. Baby
    11. I Need
    12. Who's Afraid (Not I, Not I, Not I)
    13. I'm Glad There Is You
    14. Baby, What Else Can I Do?
    15. What Is There to Say?
    16. Makin' Whoopee
    17. Until the Real Thing Comes Along
    18. People Will Say We're in Love
    19. Please Be Kind
    20. Imagination
    21. My Heart Belongs to Daddy
    22. You Leave Me Breathless
    23. Nice Work If You Can Get It
    24. Stardust
    0. DISC 14: 1954-1955:
    1. Lullaby of Birdland
    2. Later
    3. You'll Never Know
    4. Thanks for the Memory
    5. It Might as Well Be Spring
    6. I Can't Get Started
    7. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
    8. That Old Black Magic
    9. Old Devil Moon
    10. Lover, Come Back to Me
    11. Hard Hearted Hannah
    12. Pete Kelly's Blues
    13. Ella Hums the Blues
    14. Soldier Boy
    15. Satisfied Mind, A
    16. My One and Only Love
    17. Impatient Years, The
    18. But Not Like Mine
    19. Tender Trap, The
  • Additional Info
    Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 5336101

  • Credits

    Liner Note Author: Alain Tercinet.
    Recording information: Chicago, IL (03/20/0194); Los Angeles, CA (03/20/0194); New York, NY (03/20/0194); Chicago, IL (06/12/1935-08/05/1955); Los Angeles, CA (06/12/1935-08/05/1955); New York, NY (06/12/1935-08/05/1955); Chicago, IL (07/20/1949-05/03/1955); Los Angeles, CA (07/20/1949-05/03/1955); New York, NY (07/20/1949-05/03/1955).
    Photographers: Charles Peterson ; Frank Driggs; William Gottlieb; William Randolph; Herman Leonard.
    Translator: Martin Davies.
    Nearly a thousand minutes from the prime jazz voice of the 20th century, The Complete Masters 1935-55 spans the advent of Ella Fitzgerald's recording career singing for Chick Webb's orchestra, her long association with the Decca label, and stretches all the way to just before her debut for Verve, the label where she made all of her most celebrated recordings. Although Fitzgerald was instantly recognizable from the beginning, and a talented voice to boot, she recorded many novelties during the '30s and '40s -- all of them heard here -- including several hits ("[If You Can't Sing It] You'll Have to Swing It [Mr. Paganini]," "A-Tisket, A-Tasket"). These years weren't her best, or her most celebrated, but between the novelties and straight swing tunes, she recorded plenty of great material, including several dozen excellent recordings from American Songbook giants like George Gershwin, Harold Arlen, Cole Porter, Johnny Mercer, Irving Berlin, Rodgers & Hammerstein, and Jerome Kern. Also included are many features from Decca label-maters including Louis Armstrong, the Mills Brothers, and the Ink Spots, among others. ~ John Bush

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