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Cold Comfort Farm DVD Cover Art

Cold Comfort Farm DVD

"I've only a hundred pounds a year and I can't play bridge." -- Flora Poste (KATE BECKINSALE), to her friend, Mrs. Smiling (JOANNA LUMLEY). "Nature's all very well in her place, but she mustn't be allowed to make things untidy." -- Flora Poste (KATE BECKINSALE), explaining the benefits of contraceptives to an ignorant farm woman who keeps getting pregnant. "There'll be no butter in hell!" -- Amos Starkadder (IAN McKELLEN) "He's so obnoxious. I haven't the heart to tell him that's why I won't let him kiss me. He thinks I'm inhibited." -- Flora Poste (KATE BECKINSALE), about Mybug (STEPHEN FRY).

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