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The Man From Snowy River DVD

Actor Tom Burlinson and director George Miller made their feature-film debuts with "The Man from Snowy River." Miller should not be confused with fellow Australian George Miller, who directed the "Mad Max" series, "The Witches of Eastwick," and "Lorenzo's Oil." Actor Kirk Douglas reportedly wrote much of his own dialogue for the film. Additional cast: June Jago (as Mrs. Bailey), Kristopher Steele (Moss), Howard Eynon (Short Man), and John Nash (Tall Man). Michael Lake served as production supervisor. Production company: Michael Edgley International. Estimated budget: 3.5 million Australian dollars. The ending chase scenes feature 90 horses and 40 riders. Filmed on location in the Great Dividing Ranges in Victoria, Australia. Shot in Panavision and Eastmancolor. Rated M by Australia's Commonwealth Film Censors. A sequel to the film appeared in 1988, "Return to Snowy River." "Man"'s producer, Geoff Burrowes, directed "Return," which starred Tom Burlinson, Sigrid Thornton, Brian Dennehy, Nicholas Eadie, and Bryan Marshall.

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