CD The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations [Box] (CD 6644750),
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The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations [Box]

  • 1. Swedish Rhapsody, The
    2. Counting
    3. Counting 'Control'
    4. Phonetic Alphabet - Nato
    5. 5 Dashes
    6. Lincolnshire Poacher, The
    7. Gong Station/Chimes
    8. DFD 21
    9. Ready Ready (15728)
    10. Bugle
    11. 5 Note Version 'Czech Lady'
    12. Three Note Oddity
    13. New Star Broadcasting
    14. Counting Station (Spanish)
    15. English Lady/00000 Ending
    16. Attencion/3 Finals
    17. 4 Notes Rising Scale
    18. Ciocrlia
    19. Czech Lady
    20. 2 Letter 'Ys'
    21. 2 Letter 'El'
    22. 5 Dashes
    23. 2 Letter 'RK'
    0. DISC 2:
    1. NNN
    2. 'Strich'
    3. DFD21/DRC37
    4. Drums & Trumpets
    5. NNN
    6. English Lady-00000 Ending
    7. NNN
    8. Russian Man, The ('D-Va' Northern Russian Voice)
    9. Phonetic Alphabet - Nato
    10. Spanish Lady
    11. 'Strich'
    12. 2 Letter 'Nu'
    13. 'Strich'
    14. Yt
    15. 5 Dashes
    16. German Man
    17. English Man
    18. English Man + German Lady
    19. German Lady
    20. Chinese Numbers
    21. Spanish Lady
    22. 2 Letter 'MD'
    23. English Man
    24. German Lady
    25. Phonetic Alphabet - Nato
    26. Phonetic Alphabet - Nato
    27. Nancy Adam Susan
    28. Counting 'Control'
    29. Nancy Adam Susan (Male Voice)
    30. Cherry Ripe
    31. Russian Lady
    32. Russian Man
    33. NNN
    34. Frank Young Peter
    35. Cherta
    36. Russian Counting Man
    37. Olx
    38. 6 Tones
    39. High Pitch Polytone
    40. High Pitch Ploytone
    41. High Pitch Ploytone
    42. High Pitch Polytone
    43. Oriental Language
    0. DISC 3:
    1. Ready Ready
    2. Iran/Iraq Jamming Efficacy Testing
    3. English Lady
    4. English Lady
    5. English Man Version 1
    6. English Man Version 3
    7. English Man
    8. Magnetic Fields
    9. Magnetic Fields
    10. Oblique
    11. NNN
    12. 5 Dashes
    13. 2 Letter 'KG'
    14. 4 Figure Counting (10 Rough Tones)
    15. 2 Voices in One Transmission
    16. Tyrolean Music Station
    17. 3 Note I.S.
    18. 10 Rough Tones
    19. Achtung!
    20. 'A'
    21. Voice Sample
    22. Rapid Dots
    23. Strich
    24. Hier Ist DFC Seben und Dreizig
    25. 2 Letter 'PN'
    26. Sample Count
    27. 2 Letter 'Vo'
    28. 2 Letter 'HK'
    29. 2 Letter 'DM'
    30. 8 Note Rising Scale
    31. Spruchnummer 1
    32. Spruchnummer 4
    33. Random Pop
    34. Nomer 101
    35. Okno Okno Okno
    36. Nomer 198
    37. 723 Papaqui
    38. 298
    39. 815
    40. 167
    41. Moscow Coup Attempt
    0. DISC 4:
    1. Russian Man Complete
    2. Yt
    3. 555 Konec
    4. Preska
    5. Cherta
    6. Count in Russian
    7. Count in Russian
    8. 1 - 10 Announcement
    9. 1 - 10 Announcement
    10. Counting in Polish
    11. Konec Konec
    12. Pozor
    13. Russian Lady Test Count and Message
    14. Russian Man
    15. Spanish Lady (2 Finals)
    16. Spanish Counting
    17. Spanish Counting
    18. Spanish Man
    19. Spanish Lady
    20. Spanish Lady
    21. Eastern Music Station
    22. Eastern Music Station
    23. Unidentified Chinese Station
    24. NNN
    25. NNN
    26. Whiskey Tango Veinte y Uno
    27. Crackle, The
    28. Backwards Music Station, The
    29. Faders
    30. Workshop
    31. Pip, The
    32. Buzzer, The
    33. M1 (197)
    34. M1B (463)
    35. M2 (712)
    36. M3
    37. M3
    38. M3
    39. M3
    40. M3
    41. M3
    42. M3A
    43. M3B
  • Additional Info
    Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): TCP1

  • Credits

    THE CONET PROJECT: RECORDINGS OF SHORT-WAVE NUMBERS STATIONS is a limited edition and includes a book.
    Contains 150 tracks.
    Compiled and edited by Akin O. Fernandez and his Iridial imprint, The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations presents five hours' worth of recordings of numbers stations taken from shortwave radio transmissions. Who could have thought that such an undertaking would be largely embraced by underground music fans? Originally issued in 1998, the initial four-CD box set sold out in respectable time and became a highly sought after -- and expensive -- collector's item. The 2004 re-press was made possible because of the settlement of a lawsuit between Fernandez and Wilco's Jeff Tweedy. Wilco's 2002 breakthrough album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, was named for an unauthorized sample from a track off The Conet Project. The sample, a woman's voice with an indecipherable accent, repetitively intones three words, "Yankee.hotel.foxtrot," which loops for a minute and a half during Wilco's track "Poor Places." The legal battle took nearly two years, and ended with Tweedy agreeing to the settlement. Fernandez used the money to re-press The Conet Project.
    But what are numbers stations, you might ask. They are radio stations that can be heard on the shortwave band. Unlike regular SW stations, they don't have call letters and are not registered -- in fact, no government in the world is even willing to acknowledge their existence, even though anyone with a SW radio can tune in to them, either willingly or by accident. These stations transmit Morse signals; melodic fragments; strings of numbers (hence their nickname) spoken by male, female, and artificial voices; and other strange noises. They are believed to be means by which intelligence services communicate with spies (since tuning in to a shortwave frequency leaves no trace, unlike receiving e-mails or phone calls), and there is a worldwide network of station spotters attempting to decipher and unmask these mystery stations and their cryptic transmissions. The Conet Project was first and foremost collected for these aficionados (the booklet is very extensive in details and log codes for each recorded station). But the whole project also has a wider appeal, as the impact it had on many an experimental and ambient artist can testify.
    First of all, the highly characteristic background noise of the shortwave band is something to behold: rich in swooshes, buzzes, and other eerie interference. Second, some of these recordings, skillfully edited by Fernandez, are truly strange, even disturbing (the otherworldly voices, distorted by the distance they have traveled; the odd choices of musical IDs; the foreign languages; the nonsense words). Third and most of all, the whole thing is a feast for the imagination, its undercurrents of secrecy, spying activities, and paranoia giving these recordings forbidden meanings. Several artists have later sampled and otherwise borrowed material from this collection. The sound quality is good considering the circumstances (some of these recordings were 20 years old, others were brand new, but they all still come from the shortwave band), but it still takes some dedication or curiosity to enjoy this set. If you don't own a shortwave radio, this is the next best thing to listening to numbers stations "live," and if you do, you'll find yourself paying much more attention to the odd transmissions you used to dismiss. Of course, if you are already into these kinds of covert mysteries, The Conet Project is the most complete audio resource available. ~ Franois Couture and Thom Jurek

  • Critic Reviews
    Spin (p.78) - "CONET compiled static-scratched alphabetical and numerical spy-code transmissions, from the 1980s forward, that were intercepted from unregistered international shortwave stations..."
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