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"[T]his is a comic gem, uproarious and heartfelt at the same time....Alan Arkin gives an Oscar-caliber performance..." Movieline's Hollywood Life 3 stars out of 4 -- "[S]omething wonderful: a scrappy human comedy that takes an honest path to laughs and is twice as funny and touching for it." Rolling Stone 4 stars out of 5 -- "[S]martly and sympathetically executed....Feelgood fun for all the dysfunctional family."Total Film 4 stars out of 4 -- "[W]hat makes this one fly is its warmth. LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE is a first-class love-letter to a family of losers."Uncut "The perfect casting makes for some exceptionally confident comedy....With accessible humour and universal themes..."Sight and Sound Ranked #9 in Rolling Stone's "The 10 Best Movies Of 2006" -- "It's hilarious, heartbreaking and achingly true."Rolling Stone 5 stars out of 5 -- "Full of eccentric but believable characters, witty dialogue and pitch-perfect performances....Touching, hilarious and quirky..."Ultimate DVD "A dysfunctional-family comedy with a difference -- the function progresses from dys to full and loving."Wall Street Journal29.97368

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"...Arkin anchors a comic ensemble that presents a dozen kinds of madness..." Entertainment Weekly "[A]n intelligent, star-studded adaptation of Joseph Heller's classic antiwar novel..." Premiere29.51527

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"...Mia Farrow brings an almost moving plaintive quality to the character....For an actress to register so strongly on voice alone is a rare accomplishment..."Variety "...Unusually good....Imaginative spirit."New York Times "THE LAST UNICORN has a stellar voice cast....The film is episodic in the best fantasy tradition, tracking the unicorn and a magician as they encounter eccentric characters and dangerous villains..."A.V. Club0.2733892

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"...[With] Michael Douglas at his most energetic and James Bond-like..." Variety "...Douglas and Brooks deliver fine work..."Box Office0.2733892

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4 stars out of 5 -- "The shocks are frequent and funny..."Box Office "Thanks largely to Bateman and Reynolds's sharp comic timing, THE CHANGE-UP is watchable....Bateman has perfected the role of the long-suffering but resilient everyman, while Reynolds is equally adept at fast-talking glibness..."Sight and Sound0.2278244

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