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"The masterstroke here is to set Tony Leung's unshaven, jittery, leather-jacketed undercover cop up against Andy Lau's sharp-suited male model..."Sight and Sound "It looks pretty stylish....[With] a sleek, often hallucinatory look, which is both modish and dramatically appropriate."Uncut "This is a movie that gets it hooks into you early, and no chance is it letting go."Rolling Stone "[The film] feels completely fresh as it's unspooling onscreen....This is a real grabber."Premiere "The filmmakers entrust the hard work to stars Lau and Leung. And the two men prowl and circle each one another with a balletic intensity that makes words superfluous..."Entertainment Weekly "[T]he sophistication of the stylized minimalism here in INFERNAL AFFAIRS is dazzling."New York Times "The first INFERNAL plays like THE DEPARTED on fast-forward; you get dozens of scenes nearly identical to Scorsese's..." -- Grade: A-Entertainment Weekly0.1712181

(0 reviews)

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 Page of 1