andre-braugher,Love Songs [DVD] [2001] [English] [Region 1], Duets [DVD] [Special Edition], Get on the Bus, Poseidon [DVD] [Full Frame], Glory [Blu-ray] [Canadian] [] [1 disc] [Region 1]
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"...Gwyneth makes sure we come away humming...[She] can carry a tune with the best..." Total Film "...Paltrow senior succeeds in extracting solid performances (and decent singing) from an interesting cast..." Sight and Sound36.06286

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"...[A] provocative talkfest on wheels..." Rolling Stone "...GET ON THE BUS marks a powerful return to form....This film is about maturity and the embracing of responsibility..." Sight and Sound "...GET ON THE BUS takes [Lee] to a new level of artistic maturity....A work of refined intensity..." -- Rating: B+ Entertainment Weekly "...A vital regeneration of a filmmaker's talent as well as a bracing and often very funny dramatization of urgent sociopolitical themes..." Variety "...Heartfelt and finally celebratory....Real and significant, it's successful at holding our interest, at making us care and believe..." Los Angeles Times "...What makes GET ON THE BUS extraordinary is the truth and feeling that go into its episodes....This is a film with a full message for the heart, and the mind..." Chicago Sun-Times0.30489

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3 stars out of 4 -- "You don't expect a remake to spring surprises. This one does." Rolling Stone "[I]t's a buoyant, old-wave disaster pic for a generation of well-conditioned thrill seekers....[Dreyfuss] holds the center of every scene he's in." -- Grade: B+ Entertainment Weekly "POSEIDON's action sequences are efficiently handled, conjuring a genuine sense of lung-busting tension..." Sight and Sound 3 stars out of 5 -- "[T]he movie's excellent visuals, set-pieces and breathtaking scale ensure it's an enjoyable piece of H20 hokum that makes for a solid (mari)time-filler."Total Film 3 stars out of 5 -- "[A] technically excellent white knuckle ride....The thrilling set pieces work rather well..."Ultimate DVD0.254075

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"...Beautifully acted, pageantlike....[The] cast is superior....This is a good, moving, complicated film..."New York Times "...Spectacular choreography..."Sight and Sound "...GLORY is an eloquent, heart-tugging Civil War epic....Remarkable as a period piece and for Freddie Francis's vivid cinematography....Splendid..."Los Angeles Times "...A clutch of undeniably moving performance..."Total Film0.254075

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Viewing 1 - 5 of 5 Page of 1