andrei-zvyagintsev,The Return [DVD] [2004] [Multilingual] [Region 1], Elena
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"[S]tunning....With a story line at once enigmatic and psychologically acute..."New York Times "[A] stunning psychological thriller....One of those great, unnerving movies that lingers in the mind long after the lights have come up." Entertainment Weekly "Think of THE RETURN as total cinema, the whole package....Making as powerful a mark emotionally as it does visually and even allegorically."Los Angeles Times "[A] film of gruffly beautiful images..." Premiere "[A] stinging drama about the unbridgeable gulf between parents and children." Movieline's Hollywood Life "Heroically restrained, Zvyagintsev's direction is as powerful an argument as you'll ever see for the truism that less is more." Uncut71.51772

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"ELENA shows Zvyagintsev wisely concentrating on plot, character and social/political context rather than portentous atmospherics. The cumulative impact is stunning."Hollywood Reporter "[S]pellbinding and impeccably crafted....Performances are superb across the board, framed in elegant widescreen compositions that simmer with violence."Los Angeles Times 3 stars out of 4 -- "There's a kind of fascination in its unblinking portrait of characters who care about nothing but money. It concludes on a note that would distinguish a film noir..."Chicago Sun-Times0.342577

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