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"[C]harming....Bujalkski works in streaky black and white, looking back all the more to Cassavetes..." -- Grade: B+Entertainment Weekly Ranked #17 in Film Comment's "20 Best Films Of 2006."Film Comment 3.5 stars out of 4 -- "Writer-director Bujalski has an authentic sense of the meandering daily lives and navel-gazing conversations of young urbanites..."Premiere "In Andrew Bujalski's micro-budget comedies, about the shapeless lives of American twentysomethings, things almost happen, repeatedly....The sense of narrative incompletion is evoked most effectively in Bujalski's editing style."Sight and Sound 3 stars out of 5 -- "[T]he naturalistic approach is part of the charm of the film, evidently inspired by the two giants of US indie cinema John Cassavetes and Jim Jarmusch."Ultimate DVD85.62852

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"BEESWAX deals with the ambivalence and inexperience of young adults who find themselves in situations that might well determine the rest of their lives....BEESWAX is also the most visually stylized of Bujalski's movies."Film Comment 4 stars out of 5 -- "The narrative and the characters are loosely molded, lending to the film's naturalism but simultaneously lending to the sense that real life is at odds with life as we see it in films."Box Office "There's real drama and tension in BEESWAX....Bujalski's funny, diverting character piece has a lived-in quality that's no small achievement." -- Grade: B+A.V. Club "That BEESWAX works more often than it doesn't suggest there's still life in Bujalski's method, as long as he keeps casting friends as compelling as Tilly and Maggie Hatcher."Movieline "[A] remarkably subtle, even elegant movie. Its leisurely scenes and hesitant, circling conversations conceal both an ingenious comic structure and a rich emotional subtext."New York Times "There are fine, observational moments..."Entertainment Weekly "[A] subtle, amusing film filled with charm and spontaneity that displays the filmmaker's gift for creating an acute sense of life being lived before our very eyes."Los Angeles Times "It's intensely self-aware -- and it's a subtle examination of this too, and an ideal and as a trap."Sight and Sound57.06615

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"Affectionate attention to early 80s-era detail extends to the films 'Analog NTSC Video' format."Chicago Sun-Times0.3994053

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"Affectionate attention to early 80s-era detail extends to the films 'Analog NTSC Video' format."Chicago Sun-Times 4 stars out of 5 -- "[T]he film is pleasingly underplayed, filtering its madness through a poker-faced prism."Total Film0.3994053

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