andy-garcia,The Lost City [DVD] [2006] [English] [Region 1], The Unsaid, Hoodlum, The Godfather Part III [DVD]
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"[S]plendidly panoramic and drenched in wonderful Cuban music..." New York Times "Production designer Waldemar Kalinowski and costume designer Deborah Lynn Scott do remarkable work in bringing the look of the period to life..."Los Angeles Times86.68182

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"...Charging the action is an electric three-prong attack: Laurence Fishburne as magnetic Johnson, Tim Roth as a wonderfully no-class Schultz and Andy Garcia as a cool and cocky Luciano..." -- 3 out of 4 stars USA Today "...Mr. Fishburne is as coolly ruthless as Al Pacino's Michael Corleone in THE GODFATHER....Ms. Tyson is also memorable..." New York Times "...This is Duke's most accomplished job of direction yet. He gets a juicy performance out of Tim Roth..." Entertainment Weekly "...Duke has made a historical drama as much as a thriller..." Chicago Sun-Times0.6723966

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"...A good entertainment bet worthy of any moviegoer's shell-out..." USA Today "...Valid and deeply moving....More frankly, mournfully operatic than its predecessors..." New York Times0.2142572

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