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"...[A] raw and jolting adventure..." Rolling Stone "...BLACK ROBE has peripheral pleasures, which, because they are so seldom seen in movies, should not be underrated..." New York Times "...This is one magnificent movie, one whose relatively untrod locations really do convince us that we're canoe-paddling in another century..." USA Today34.75084

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"[Malick] neither strives for verisimilitude nor spectacle but for an alchemic blend of both -- life in all its power as it is experienced by sentient, sensitive beings."Los Angeles Times "Many have tried, but none can match Malick's touch for shuffling a deck of elegiac images and fanning out the hand to express what speech cannot." -- Grade: A- Entertainment Weekly "Shot almost entirely in natural light with a moving camera, the film is at once lively and meditative....It mixes carefully researched ethnographic detail with wildly romantic imagining." Sight and Sound "[R]apturously beautiful....The entire meaning of the film is conveyed in a single sublime edit that joins a shot of the grubby settlement as it looks from outside its walls -- and framed inside an open door -- with its mirror image." New York Times 5 stars out of 5 -- "[I]t's a brilliantly executed blend of western, historical drama and anthropological reconstruction....Lubezki's luscious camerawork, the stirring use of Wagner and the unusually direct but expressive acting succeed in working their wondrous magic." Uncut 4 stars out of 4 -- "Malick has turned familiar textbook history into vivid historical fiction and brilliant cinema, and THE NEW WORLD is arguably his best film -- accessible, poetic, complex, and profoundly spiritual." Premiere "[The DVD] exhibits a hazy, slightly desaturated picture that nicely complements the atmospheric tale of exploration and star-crossed lovers....James Horner's beautiful score is mixed well." Widescreen Review 3 stars out of 5 -- "Malick sweeps us dreamily through the Virginian countryside..." Total Film30.66961

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"...Excellent underwater photography....FREE WILLY 3: THE RESCUE succeeds in giving audiences an environmental jolt..." Box Office "...Mr. Richter is still charming..." New York Times "...FREE WILLY 3: THE RESCUE is sparked by its two young stars....Berry is most impressive....Richter is likewise effective..." Los Angeles Times "...Filled with sparkling nature cinematography....It's all done so seamlessly that it's convincing..." Chicago Sun-Times30.40698

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3 stars out of 4 -- "HBO's telepic is solid, starting with an aerial shot worthy of the big screen."USA Today 3 stars out of 5 -- "Worthy, intelligent, impeccably acted....August Schellenberg proves the stand-out as ex-chief and lead agitator Sitting Bull."Empire1.475254

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