beachwood-sparks,Beachwood Sparks, Once We Were Trees [Beachwood Sparks]
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Q (6/00, p.102) - 4 stars out of 5 - "...This is the best American rock debut since Outrageous Cherry's eponymous 1st album last century....a '60s-style band that also listens to Beck and the High Llamas..."Magnet (1-2/01, p.44) - Included in Magnet's "20 Best Albums of 2000".Magnet (4-5/00, p.66) - "...Picks up the melodies, instrumentation, mutton chops, mother-of-pearl buttons and tassled sleeves of California country/rock, and the jacket fits nicely....It's pretty..."CMJ (4/00, p.44) - " extremely laid-back set of alt-country songs that are sometimes shot through with garage-y pep but that just as often bring to mind The Grateful Dead..."Mojo (Publisher) (5/00, p.88) - "...Another lo-fi assemblage of pleasantly unassuming country rock....sounding more like Poco or Sopwith Camel than Buffalo Springfield or the Lovin' Spoonful."172.3174

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Spin (12/01, pp.154,157) - 8 out of 10 - "...Sincere paeans to growth, self-realization, and tree-hugging transcendence....the best West Coast country-rock band since '80s insurgents the Long Ryders..."Alternative Press (2/02, p.65) - Ranked #23 in AP's "25 Best Albums of 2001".Alternative Press (12/01, p.83) - 8 out of 10 - "...Avoiding irony and smarm...this gives off good vibrations..."Magnet (p.85) - "Many of the album's tracks began nice and steady with honky-tonk fingerpicking and woozy pedal steel but ended in a miasma of organ drone and haunting harmony vocals."CMJ (10/8/01, p.5) - "...A relaxed, panoramic sound and psychedelic effects gently mutating together..."Mojo (Publisher) (11/01, p.100) - "...They take the nascent country rock of The Byrds and extrapolate every last ounce of plangent guitar chime and yearning vocal polyphony until they ring afresh..."120.6221

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