benicio-del-toro,21 Grams [DVD] [Special Edition], Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas [DVD], Traffic [DVD] [Universal Reissue]
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"...Inarritu cements his reputation as a boldly talented filmmaker with his first English-language project, 21 GRAMS..." Variety "...It's a startlingly crafted movie, with several extraordinary performances..." Entertainment Weekly "...The film is full of engagingly high-strung performances..." Film Comment "...There are few movie pleasures as satisfying as an actor soaring to meet the challenge of his or her gift. It's a pleasure that's delivered threefold in 21 GRAMS..." Los Angeles Times "...That Inarritu shapes something redemptive out of blasted lives is proof that he is a filmmaker of rare and startling grace..." Rolling Stone "...[A] complex, time-fractured narrative....The most shattering performance comes from Naomi Watts..." Movieline's Hollywood Life "This is cinematic art in its highest form."USA Today "[T]he film is a virtuoso accomplishment of construction and editing."Chicago Sun-Times "Inarritu remains primarily a poet of the visible world..." Sight and Sound "Watts and Del Toro - both Oscar-nominated for their roles - positively roar with restraint, while the lesser known Melissa Leo matches Benicio every step of the way..." Total Film47.33285

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"...Fiendish intensity..." Rolling Stone "...FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS throws you straight into a demented cinematic 'acid test'..." Sight and Sound "...A lucid hallucination. Depp again proves himself our most inventive actor....This movie isn't about drugs, it is drugs..." -- Rating: B+ Entertainment Weekly "...A fidelity to the author's hallucinatory imagery that until now seemed impossible to capture in a film. But here it is in all its splendiferous funhouse terror: the closest sensory approximation of an acid trip ever achieved by a mainstream movie..." New York Times "[A] shocking, funny and sad tale of idealism's demise en route." Total Film 4 stars out of 5 -- "Depp and Del Toro couldn't be more perfect for the roles and throw themselves in without fear or hesitation."Premiere47.21459

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"Steven Soderbergh's great, despairing squall of a film [infuses] epic cinematic form with jittery new rhythms and a fresh, acid-washed palette....The performances, by an ensemble from which not a false note issues, have the clarity and force of pithy instrumental solos insistently piercing through a dense cacaphony..." New York Times "...[A] consistently credible drama..." -- 3 out of 4 stars USA Today Ranked #3 in Entertainment Weekly's "Owen Gleiberman's BEST MOVIES OF 2000" Entertainment Weekly "...Multi-layered plotting and plenty of pleasing technical flourishes....Douglas is superb..." -- 4 out of 5 stars Total Film "...Its vigorous, unjaded rush of imagery and story makes for an exciting visual experience..." Sight and Sound "...Soderbergh deftly weaves together four stories depicting the causes and effects of the illegal drug trade..." Box Office "...The whole thing feels remarkably fresh, vibrant and new....The movie is adult, intelligent, sweeping yet intimate, nail-bitingly suspenseful, buoyed by an impeccable, uniformly powerhouse cast, and it provides a real perspective on a real issue..." Premiere "...A mosaic of heightened reality....A picture fascinating in its complexit....The technical contributions are adroit and stylish..." Hollywood Reporter "...Complex and ambitious....Yet another indication of how accomplished a filmmaker Steven Soderbergh has become..." Los Angeles Times0.2365201

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 Page of 1