bob-dolman,How to Eat Fried Worms [DVD] [2005] [Multilingual] [Region 1], The Banger Sisters (024543065760)
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"FRIED WORMS' appeal is right there in its title....WORMS goes light on the gore and the goo..."Entertainment Weekly "Nicely directed, the film version proves refreshingly free of the customary blights that affect most modern children's movies."New York Times "[T]he kids in HOW TO EAT FRIED WORMS have a natural charm that director Bob Dolman allows to flourish..."Box Office59.23354

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"...An inviting, frequently hilarious movie. Hawn has one of the best roles of her career....Sarandon is also vibrant, and Geoffrey Rush offers a remarkably subtle portrayal....THE BANGER SISTERS turns out to be a hoot..." Movieline's Hollywood Life "...Goldie Hawn gives a heartbreakingly brave, endearing performance..." Entertainment Weekly "...Enlivened by sharp dialogue and characterizations, and Hawn and Sarandon's interactions are impeccable, timing- and deliver-wise..." Premiere "...Feisty fun from start to finish....Neatly scripted and efficiently helmed....[The] narrative situations play into both actresses' strengths and physical attributes....Rush is quite simply a hoot..." Variety "...Sarandon shines: Her transition from a straight-laced mother to a down-and-dirty party girl is both funny and affecting..." Box Office58.88721

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