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Spin (6/96, p.115) - 6 - Reasonably Good - "...dominated by declarations of independence....may reaffirm your faith in rock as a vehicle for anguish..."Entertainment Weekly (5/3/96, pp.74-76) - "...Mould is often given to feelings of defeatism, anger, and self-pity. But what distinguishes BOB MOULD, his strongest album in that the music constantly wards off those self-destructive feelings..." - Rating: A-Option (7-8/96, p.120) - " vengefully inspired as ever..."Musician (6/96, p.94) - "...Never the cheeriest of souls, the punk rock vet bursts out in all directions here, and the result is an unnerving psychodrama..."RIP (6/96, p.11) - 5 (out of 5) - "...With its bracing mix of multi-layered buzzsaw anthems and sparsely arranged one-man-and-his-guitar tracks, this masterful album presents, as never before, Mould's stunning range..."Mojo (Publisher) (6/96, p.117) - "...The sound is typical Mould: either stern, grey sheets of distorted guitar chording embellished with the occasional stab of feedback, or the furiously spartan acoustic guitar strumming, as in 'Thumbtack'..."NME (Magazine) (4/27/96, p.55) - 8 (out of 10) - "...Mould has spent 15 years making miserabilism listenable, draping the spangly cloak of pop about melancholy's sloping shoulders....Mould is most assuredly having his cake while still enjoying a slice..."191.3536

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Rolling Stone (9/3/98, p.101) - 3 Stars (out of 5) - "...Mould...revisits his past on THE LAST DOG & PONY SHOW....Blending Sugar's hard pop with the rueful confessions of his solo efforts, Mould has fashioned a passionate tribute to his twenty years in music..."Entertainment Weekly (8/14/98, p.81) - "...He continues to issue scruffy anthems...brawling quirks...folkie tendencies, and noisey guitar-attack aeshetics--in short, the Bob Mould sound. An invigorating blast from one who has stood the test of time." - Rating: B+0.3756465

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Entertainment Weekly (4/5/96, p.81) - "Superdrag combine noisy garage rock with mainstream pop, arriving in a place that owes equally to the Stooges and Matthew Sweet....Refreshing and irresistible." - Rating: AOption (7-8/96, p.134) - "...these guys aren't goofing around--they take their teen spirit serious-like....dang if it don't get you feeling warm and tingly..."Musician (7/96, p.95) - "...[has] volume and hooks aplenty, and on half these tracks they effortlessly blast forth the sound [Bob Mould] always aimed for but...missed..."RIP (6/96, p.10) - 3 (out of 5) - "...It...grow[s] on you after a while, its impact as subtle as its sonic quirks and flourishes..."0.3756465

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 Page of 1