brett-morgen,Chicago 10, Nimrod Nation, The Kid Stays in the Picture [DVD] [Region 1]
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"Not content with trippy image pastiches, Morgen splinters narrative chronology into four distinct time frames..."Film Comment "The director want to bring recent history to life for people who weren't around to witness it, and in that he succeeds pretty admirably."Los Angeles Times "CHICAGO 10 is well worth seeing....A good half of the film is devoted extraordinary footage of the four days of rage that spawned the trial." -- Grade: BEntertainment Weekly "The scenes of radical foment and the actual marches and riots are shown in archival footage, much of it excellent; Morgen also does a sly job with his musical selections..."Premiere61.92473

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"...It's great fun and compulsively watchable..."Rolling Stone "...One of the funniest, and most telling, films of the year..."New York Times "...Witty, colorful and poignant..."Los Angeles Times "...With a bounty of artfully integrated still photos, newsreels and color home movies..."USA Today "...A candy store for film buffs....THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE is a dazzling dream of a documentary..."Entertainment Weekly "...A guilty pleasure....One acidic drop of the Tinseltown tittle-tattle collated her could still trump the juiciest editions of today's puny celebrity rags..."Sight and Sound "...A gorgeous kaleidoscope of real footage, movie clips and animated photographs..."Total Film44.3233

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