brian-levant,The Flintstones [DVD] [Collector's Edition], The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, Problem Child Tantrum Pack, Family Favorite Treasures, Girl [Tiny Tim] [CD] [1 disc]
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"...A bravura, chest-thumping central performance from John Goodman..." Sight and Sound "...The familiar, likable old Fred is back....A colorful playland..." New York Times "...Goodman centers the movie with his majestic good nature..." -- Rating: B Entertainment Weekly "...[Featuring] an adorably hyper Dino..."USA Today "...A live-action cartoon in every sense of the word....Clever, lively..." Los Angeles Times "...This is a great looking movie, a triumph of set design and special effects, creating a fantasy world halfway between suburbia and a prehistoric cartoon. The frame is filled with delightful and inventive notions..."Chicago Sun-Times51.4432

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"...If you liked the first FLINTSTONES movie, you will love this one....Great performances from the whole cast..." Box Office "...Gazoo is a refreshing and ironic [character]..." Sight and Sound "...Addy is the main attraction, sustaining a spot-on Fred impression..." Entertainment Weekly51.4432

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Entertainment Weekly (3/22/96, p.74) - "...Both silly and strangely moving, Tim's unmistakably loopy warble makes this a must for any party tape."- Rating: BDirty Linen (6-7/96, p.81) - "...A melodic mixture of popular music....GIRL is perfect listening pleasure..."Musician (7/96, p.89) - "...revives Tiny Tim not as a campy nostalgia piece but as a serious, quirky, and seriously quirky artist....the album works best when the gang plays it straight and lets [his] natural humor emerge....a bravura performance..."The Beat (V.15 #3 1996, p.27) - "...GIRL evokes the experience of huddling in the orange tube-filament glow of a dozen or so Crosley first-generation radios, each tuned to a different musical cavalcade....[Brave Combo are] driven by a level of madness surpassing Syd Barrett, Oscar Levant, Brian Wilson and Sheila Chandra combined."0.2986968

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