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"...The notion of omnipotence prompts Mr. Carrey to go to new adrenaline-crazed comic extremes....[He] sustains a maniacal energy that explodes off the screen in blinding electrical zaps..." New York Times "...The supporting cast, led by Jennifer Aniston and Steven Carrell, offers up some engaging comedy..." USA Today "...A charmer....[Aniston] can play comedy, which is not easy, and she can keep up with Carrey while not simply mirroring his zaniness..." Chicago Sun-Times "...Carrey, for his part is in hilarious form as Bruce..." Box Office "...It works. High concept, low comedy. What more do you want from a Carrey flick? And there are some neat touches too..." Total Film "[Carrey] is a comedy giant." Uncut33.84481

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3 stars out of 5 -- [A] lavish chronicle with enough mayhem to sate the most ardent chopsocky fan." Total Film "[I]t's Yu's visual flourishes that enable the movie to take flight....With a rich palette of period detail, taking in colourful townscapes and lush rural vignettes." Sight and Sound "FEARLESS sustains the tradition of ethically inflected Chinese action movies. Physical kinesis is inseparable from spiritual dynamism..."New York Times 3.5 stars out of 5 -- "Li is simply the most compelling kung-fu hero since a guy named Bruce Lee donned a yellow tracksuit."Rolling Stone0.1810077

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Spin (p.58) - Ranked #6 in Spin's "The 10 Best Reissues of 2006"No Depression (p.101) - "ROCKIN' BONES offers a first-rate look into the wild, wondrous, sometimes wacky world of rockabilly in all its raw, mangy glory."0.07233678

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