buena-vista-social-club,Buena Vista Social Club [075597947823], Buena Vista Social Club Presents: Ibrahim Ferrer [075597953220], Music of Cuba: 1909-1951 [Columbia], Yusa [502262701126], Hot Rail [Calexico] [CD] [1 disc]
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Rolling Stone (9/18/97, p.104) - 3.5 Stars (out of 5) - "...revisit[s] the lovelorn ballads, patriotic hymns and gentle son-based dance numbers heard in swank Havana lounges as far back as the 1920s....enduring reminders that in Cuba, the wisdom of the ages still counts for something."Spin (9/99, p.156) - Ranked #71 in Spin Magazine's "90 Greatest Albums of the '90s."Entertainment Weekly (10/03/97, p.85) - "...The rhythms vary, but the sound is gentle yet flamboyant throughout. It brims with warmth." - Rating: B+Q (1/98, p.112) - Included in Q Magazine's "50 Best Albums of 1997."Vibe (11/97, p.152) - "...The beguiling fusion of Cooder's twangy slide guitar with the danzon and other, conga-tinged Afro-Hispanic rhythms...makes for an exciting multicultural marriage..."Village Voice (2/24/98) - Ranked #21 in the Village Voice's 1997 Pazz & Jop Critics' Poll.Mojo (Publisher) (p.65) - Ranked #23 in Mojo's "100 Modern Classics" -- "Witty, wistful, and above all wise."191.7912

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Rolling Stone (8/19/99, p.118) - 4 stars out of 5 - "...first-rate Caribbean warmth....[allows] Ferrer to luxuriate in symphonic settings....Stunning."CMJ (1/10/00, p.25) - Included in CMJ's "New World '99 Top 5" - "...[His] masterful debut is one of Buena Vista's best solo releases...featuring another set of Cuban classics recorded in Havana..."Dirty Linen (10-11/99, p.75) - "...There are not adjectives enough to describe the music on [this]....It is difficult to try and choose a favorite track....heartily recommended without hesitation."Mojo (Publisher) (1/00, p.31) - Ranked #13 in Mojo Magazine's "Best of 1999."143.4583

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CMJ (7/10/00, p.33) - "...Reflects the island nation's unique musical perspective....Hard to categorize, but if you must, file this album under 'Roots Of The Buena Vista Social Club'."2.161633

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Yoga Journal (06/03, p.188) - "...A cross between the lilting acoustic orthodoxy of Cuba's Buena Vista Social Club and the sonic experiments of Brazil's Tropicalia movement..."1.426308

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Rolling Stone (6/22/00, p.135) - 3 stars out of 5 - "...A lazy dissolving dream of a record that glimmers in and out like a mirage and sharpens to a hard focus with songs like 'Sonic Wind'....conjuring a phantom photograph of the American West, overgrown with cactus and the unemployed."Entertainment Weekly (5/19/00, p.74) - "...Burrows deep into south-of-the-border territory, with authentic waltz-time instrumentals, then warbles murder ballads and emotional road-kill tales that sound like Will Oldham fronting a mariachi band." - Rating: A-Q (6/00, p.102) - 4 stars out of 5 - "...Highly evocative....sounding like a collection of offcuts from Orson Welles' 'A Touch Of Evil'....Accordions, melodica, trumpets and vibes give the album a haunting ambience..."Magnet (8-9/00, pp.68-9) - "You'll need all the quiet you can possibly summon to hear the layered nuances embedded in the grooves of HOT RAIL....It's eerie quiet makes it so memorable....Seek not to label but to listen."The Wire (5/00, p.63) - "...Combines scorched soundtracks with moody ballads....adding more impressionistic interludes and vocal tracks..."CMJ (5/8/00, p.27) - "...Unfurls dramatically, with more colors and a sharper eye for detail....backed by sumptuous horns, slide guitars and more, HOT RAIL sounds like a collaborative effort between the Buena Vista Social Club, a wild-eyed wunderkind producer and a Gram Parsons-influenced rock star..."Melody Maker (5/30/00, p.57) - 4 stars out of 5 - "...a mix of down-home country charms and knowingly worldly sophistication....made for everyone who's ever come second in any of life's duels. Beautiful."Mojo (Publisher) (5/00, p.93) - "...A beautiful, accomplished work....The lyrics are resigned and weary but the music is sensuous and evocative."0.3565769

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