busby-berkeley,69 Love Songs, Pt. 3, Jackass 3 [DVD] [2010] [1 disc] [Region 1]
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Spin (10/99, p.154) - 10 out of 10 - "...a grand gesture and a brilliant joke; art about the most personal emotion stamped out in bulk; and a love offering in its own right....pop has not seen a lyricist of [Stephin] Merritt's kind and caliber since Cole Porter..."Entertainment Weekly (11/19/99, p.150) - "...69 elegant observations by a pop master, employing myriad genres, instruments, and neuroses. All charm, but by set's end, you're ready for more." - Rating: AAlternative Press (11/99, p.109) - 4 out of 5 - "...against all odds it shines form beginning to end....[Stephin] Merritt's most ambitious, eccentric and eclectic recording to date..."CMJ (1/10/00, p.5) - Ranked #16 in CMJ's "Top 30 Editorial Picks [for 1999] - "...a reminder that a finely rendered pop song, no matter how cynical, can approach the status of art."0.3514318

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3 stars out of 5 -- "[T]he movie has enough going for it to satisfy JACKASS' legions of fans and make some new ones."Box Office "[The skits] are funny in their humiliating wince-y way....Los Angeles Times "Few suffer as cheerfully for their art as Johnny Knoxville and his band of scatological stuntmeisters, and the gut-busting pleasure they take in every act of self-humiliation proves as infectious as ever in JACKASS 3D."Variety "[M]any of the gags in JACKASS 3D show plenty of visual wit, if not brilliance..."Movieline "JACKASS 3-D is powered by a shamelessly regressive but infectious adolescent prankishness. Knoxville holds the whole scatological mess together with this irascible charm and leading-man charisma..."A.V. Club "By using physical comedy out of silent movies and offering up their own flesh, blood and sinew, they invented their own kind of performance art..."Rolling Stone 3 stars out of 4 -- "[A] touching ode to male friendship at its most primal....The atmosphere in the world of JACKASS is one of infectious bonhomie."Washington Post "[Knoxville] may be the purest, most devoted slapstick anarchist in comedy today....JACKASS 3D has the moments you crave, the ones that go beyond standard pain-freak buffoonery to attain a kind of gloriously demented, jaw-dropping daftness." -- Grade: BEntertainment Weekly "The movie is again a series of gags strung together, sometimes given titles, and they can be as abruptly funny as pratfalls and as cathartically satisfying as an unfolding dare."Sight and Sound 3 stars out of 5 -- "[T]he wallops hit harder....The lads really have embraced 3D in a big way..."Empire 3 stars out of 5 -- "In places, such as the Busby Berkeley-ish opener, the 3D's beautiful, with paintballs exploding in impossible rainbows across naked torsos..."Total Film0.2850962

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