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Entertainment Weekly (2/20-2/27/98, p.116) - "The Coen brothers' FARGO follow-up may be set in a bowling alley, but don't expect to hear this soundtrack album's bizarre mix of songs at your local rock'n'bowl. Oddities include obscure Bob Dylan and Captain Beefheart songs...operan, avant-classical, and lounge tracks..." - Rating: B0.5468014

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Rolling Stone (3/5/93, p.39) - 3 Stars - Good - " times equals the textural brilliance of Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa..."Entertainment Weekly (2/12/93, p.57) - "...The songs are accessible, but never obvious enough to kill a laugh..." - Rating: AQ (5/93, p.96) - 3 Stars - Good - ", and predominantly self-deprecating, humor runs rife alongside tricky tempo changes and the plain goofy....Hall has obviously struck a nerve..."(3/93, p.53) - "...It's rare that music makes you laugh out loud and want to play air guitar at the same time....explodes into a cornucopia of weird things....tremendously fun..."NME (Magazine) (4/3/93, p.28) - 7 - Very Good - "...a set of songs that range from delirious cartoon novelty to full-slam guitar swoon..."0.382761

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Rolling Stone (12/26/02, p.104) - Included in Rolling Stone's "50 Best Albums of 2002"Rolling Stone (3/14/02, p.71) - 4 stars out of 5 - "...Clinic squeeze cold-sweat, clenched-teeth tension into their cryptic rock, evoking all at once the dapper menace of Tindersticks, the deadpan decadence of the VU and the thrift-shop psych of the Beta Band....disquieting in its prettiness."Spin (3/02, pp.127-8) - 8 out of 10 - "...An update to the great garage bands of the '60s....the album is so spacious it's practically a temple to the Almighty Hook, and every crisp snare tap and bass bump reverberates through the hall..."Entertainment Weekly (3/29/02, pp.71-72) - "...Clearly inspired by the hippie era's experimental fringes and early-'80s post-punk, the band builds unusual grooves out of distorted vintage organs and hypnotic double-time beats..." - Rating: A-Alternative Press (4/02, p.71) - 9 out of 10 - "...The main influences are still intact-early Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground, Can, Captain Beefheart...but they're now rendered with a knowing wink....strangled energy has morphed into a consistenly throbbing groove..."Mojo (Publisher) (3/02, p.105) - "...The mood is of melancholic candle-lit Christmases soundtracked by Philip Glass, black notes on the piano and the sinister face of Greg Lake at the window. The mood of snow-cushioned dread, initially unnerving, is also eerily comforting. They're damaged, but friendly and worth visiting..."0.2734007

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Mojo (Publisher) (p.120) - 4 stars out of 5 -- "Best Track award is a toss up between The Everly Brothers' dreamy, seductive take on Jack's old roomie's 'Mr. Soul' or the jaw-dropping collaboration between John Lee Hooker, Taj Mahal and Miles Davis..."0.2203265

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Rolling Stone (10/29/92, p.69) - 3.5 Stars - Good Plus - "...It's a song older than Waits himself--older than Hank Williams, older than Robert Johnson--that Waits is chasing...Albums this rich with spiritual longing prove the validity of that effort..."Spin (12/92, p.68) - Ranked #13 in Spin's list of the `20 Best Albums Of The Year' - "...leaves you breathless in amazement that anyone could be this friggin' weird and cool...a shining collection of tunes..."Spin (11/92, p.115) - Highly Recommended - "...Waits keeps getting weirder--and better--proving that you can live life in sinful disgrace and come out somehow purer in the end..."Entertainment Weekly (9/17/92, p.65) - "...You never know when you're going to be shocked, thrilled, or just plain unnerved by some startling image or sound...As modern songwriters go, [Waits] is one of the few who does matter..." - Rating: A+Q (10/92, p.100) - 4 Stars - Excellent - "...a formidable talent who is surely the true heir to Captain an era when even the fringes of cultural enterprise are becoming increasingly dominated by market pandering, his is the bravest of stances..."Alternative Press (12/92, p.75) - "...the apocalyptic howl which is Waits' strongest calling card positively bowls you over..."Dirty Linen (Apr/May 93, p.75) - "...a musical sideshow; not one full of bogus wonders, but rather, applicable sounds and images. It doesn't have to be all popsicles and icicles, you know. And Tom Waits remains oh-so valid..."Option (Nov.-Dec./92, p.151) - "...his best album ever....Waits--poignant, brilliant, and original--is beyond all comparisons..."Melody Maker (9/12/92, p.45) - "...Waits doesn't prettify, he just simplifies, as the best storytellers must...shows his roots in the spirituals of black American slaves, gospel, Leadbelly's blues and the Depression folk of Woody Guthrie...weird and wonderful..."Musician (10/92, p.99) - " of the most singular-sounding albums to come along in some time...BONE MACHINE should be counted among [Waits's] best efforts--deeply weird, aggressively sardonic and, at its greasy core, painfully humane..."Village Voice (3/2/93, p.5) - Ranked #9 in the Village Voice's list of the 40 Best Albums Of 1992.Stereo Review (1/93, p.88) - "...BONE MACHINE is minimalist music from hell, played on the bones of sinners and sung through the rusty, ravaged, and perhaps even channeled voice of the devil, who shovels coal through Waits's dreams..."Audio Magazine (1/93, p.150) - "...the folk music of the post-apocalypse...his most chilling and darkly humorous album to date..."0.2187206

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