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"Jackson worked fresh magic at his Weta studios in his native New Zealand, where he had Kong do battle with prehistoric predators on Skull Island..." Rolling Stone "[T]he movie seals Jackson's reputation: He's the most gifted big-picture artist working today....What resonates is the story, which is a very human tale of compassion, greed, loss, bravery, creativity, foolishness, and love." -- Grade: A Entertainment Weekly "[Jackson] succeeds through a combination of modesty and reckless glee, topping himself at every turn and reveling in his own showmanship." New York Times "Jackson is a visionary filmmaker who is not only a technical wizard but also a master storyteller."USA Today "[A] witty comment on the darkness at the heart of adventure stories, a bazillion-dollar spectacle that reserves the right to question the morality of spectacles, and, mostly, a tender love story about a melancholy girl and her tragically misunderstood monkey."Los Angeles Times Included in Entertainment Weekly's Top Ten Films Of The Year -- "[I]t has a marvelous fairy-tale kinetic grandeur....KING KONG attains a primal-pop romantic glory..." Entertainment Weekly "Once in the lost world, Jackson reproduces the breathless pacing of the 1933 film, tipping from one huge set-piece to the next..." Sight and Sound 4 stars out of 5 -- "[I]t's made with love, care, and tremendous intelligence.This is still a moving love story at heart..." Uncut "[The] picture does a great job of creating the period of the storytelling....The fantastic mix is energetic and invigorating." Widescreen Review0.09422995

(0 reviews)

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 Page of 1