carl-dreyer,The Passion of Joan of Arc, Michael [DVD] [2004] [1 disc] [Multilingual] [Region 1], Carl Theodor Dreyer - Day of Wrath/Ordet/Gertrud, Vampyr [DVD] [1991] [1 disc] [Multilingual] [Region 1], Tickets/Medea
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"...Dreyer cuts the film into a series of startling images....An unsettling experience -- so intimate we fear we will discover more secrets than we desire..." Chicago Sun-Times "...Carl Dreyer's hallmark of world cinema is re-created history. An no movie has done it better..." USA Today "...An affecting, indelible masterpiece..." Total Film34.50926

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"[The] elegiac MICHAEL exquisitely records a love triangle..." Entertainment Weekly "[T]his 1924 German production provides much fretted nuance for appetites who crave their frisson attenuated." Film Comment33.79202

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"VAMPYR remains, three-quarters of a century on, one of the most enigmatic tales of bloodlust ever committed to celluloid."Film Comment "One of the greatest vampire movies was as much a surrealist experiment as a horror film." -- Grade: A-Entertainment Weekly33.79202

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