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Q (6/95, p.123) - 3 Stars - Good - "...sticks to the tried and tested loveless formula as though doomed to be forever haunted by the ghosts of Roy Orbison and rock'n'roll past....No surprises, but no disappointment either."Melody Maker (6/17/95, p.36) - "...What's different about FOREVER BLUE is that the arch, semi-ironic, coffee-table cool of, say, `Dancing' or `Wicked Game' has been abandoned for wracked, self-abasing misery, and sounds the better for it..."Musician (7/95, p.109) - "...It's not just that his stylistic range has increased...but that he's added to the music's dynamic and emotional range. It's one thing to leap into falsetto, Roy Orbison-style...something else again to move from whispered hope to full-throated faith as easily as he does..."NME (Magazine) (6/3/95, p.48) - 7 (out of 10) - "...when Isaak transcends his's impossible not to be seduced by that crushed velvet, Elvis Orbison voice. The hushed title track creeps into smoochy Chet Baker a timeless jazz-club standard..."105.2918

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Q - 3 Stars - GoodCD Buyer's Guide - "pretty impressive"105.2918

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Entertainment Weekly (12/3/99, p.99) - "...impeccable....heartfelt and romantic, making dancefloor demands somewhere between a samba and a sway....Iglesias may find gold in the middle of the road." - Rating: B+Q (2/00, p.89) - 3 stars out of 5 - "...sounds uncannily like Chris Isaak throughout, boasts a fine set of pipes, strums some outrageously lovely Spanish guitar, and ensures there's enough pure corn to keep Dad happy. Slightly better than you might expect."0.5657442

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"...Anders has great fun re-creating the shadow world of pre-counterculture pop..." -- Rating: B Entertainment Weekly "...Energetic and entertaining....The film boasts a terrific song score...and amusing performances by a strong cast..."Variety "...GRACE marvelously re-creates that atmosphere of sweatshop creativity, both the pressure and the joy, and Douglas' portrayal of a woman fighting for her own identity and a piece of the action gives the story a solid emotional footing..."Los Angeles Times "...There's some good music in the film....Ileana Douglas makes a convincing witness to the transition from 'Your Hit Parade' to Woodstock. It's a big role and she's equal to it..." Chicago Sun-Times0.2926683

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