clyde-geronimi,Sleeping Beauty [DVD Boxset] [50th Anniversary 2-Disc Platinum Edition], Lady and the Tramp [DVD], Peter Pan [DVD Boxset] [Diamond Edition], The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad [DVD] [Gold Collection Edition]
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"...One of Disney's most elaborate extravaganzas..." USA Today "...Arguably the most important film in the formidable Disney oeuvre..." Movieline's Hollywood Life "...Walt Disney's cornerstone opus. If you think you know it too well to bother taking another look, this presentation will give you Technicolor pause..."Variety "[The soundtrack] keyed to Tchaikovsky's lush ballet score, has a majestic heft."Entertainment Weekly "With its two-dimensional figures and flattened perspectives, the Walt Disney classic SLEEPING BEAUTY imitates the look of an illuminated manuscript from the Middle Ages, but its bright, buzzing colors...are unmistakably those of midcentury America."New York Times 5 stars out of 5 -- "This is the experimental, boundary-pushing Disney....Its spare and elegant world lingering with you long after the lovers dance into the sunset."Empire58.74484

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"...The carefully plotted LADY AND THE TRAMP uses a simple story to explore complex emotions....The animation itself is wonderfully polished..."Los Angeles Times "[T]he movie wistfully reflects upon a long-lost era of American innocence and features one of cinema's most romantic scenes..."Premiere "LADY was the first animated feature filmed in CinemaScope..." -- Grade: AEntertainment Weekly "[T]he most hopeful and emotionally mature of Disney's fables."New York Times33.56848

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"The movie's greatest creation remains Tinker Bell, a testy bombshell who wreaks jealous havoc..." -- Grade: AEntertainment Weekly 4 stars out of 5 -- "[A]n example of the extraordinary peaks of artistry the studio could achieve."Ultimate DVD "...The movie has weathered time well..."USA Today 4 stars out of 4 -- "[I]ts lack of pretension weathers years nicely."USA Today33.56848

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"...[An] engaging animated twofer..." USA Today29.37242

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