damme,The Van Damme Sound/Martini Time, The Quest [DVD] [Snap case], Universal Soldier: Regeneration [DVD], Hard Target [DVD] [Widescreen], Universal Soldier: The Return [DVD] [Closed Captioned]
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"...With the same grace and discipline he displays in front of the camera, Jean-Claude Van Damme makes a socko directorial debut with THE QUEST, a martial arts adventure odyssey that's epic in scale and high in style..." Los Angeles Times "...In the arena of expertly choreographed man-to-man mayhem, Van Damme ranks among the champs..." Chicago Sun-Times31.67179

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3 stars out of 5 -- "[The director has] a sharp eye for action, shooting a surge of stunts wide and clear....It's indecently entertaining."Empire14.02502

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"...Enough heart-stopping set pieces for three such movies....Peculiar visual poetry." -- Rating: A Entertainment Weekly "...Briskly vigorous....Woo helps his star display his specialty -- high-powered martial arts skills -- with greater panache and stylization than before..." Variety "...Woo is such a dynamo, utilizing multiple moving cameras and ghostly effects, he can make the ejection of a shotgun shell a thing of beauty and wit..." Chicago Sun-Times13.81139

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"...Michael Jai White is a commanding screen presence..." Variety "...Cyborg-kickin' sci-fi..." -- Rating: B+ - Recommended Entertainment Weekly "...With Goldberg and master martial artist Michael Jai White as super-charged villains, the choreographed action gets up-close and personal..." Box Office "...A satisfying seque....'Sleek' is the word for UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: THE RETURN, which moves with such swiftness and ease, its story blending seamlessly into its sci-fi technology and special effects..." Los Angeles Times11.29326

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"...It's a shrewd, cohesive picture that not only shows Van Damme to best advantage but also reveals the ingenuity of its makers..." Los Angeles Times0.5714846

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"[The] bullet-strewn climax in Bangkok harbor finds Bartkowiak comfortably invading the territory of Michael MannVariety0.1525957

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