damn-arms,The Modern Lovers [Castle] [Remaster], Rufus Wainwright, Gold [Remaster] [Etta James] [CD Boxset] [2 discs]
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Spin (p.104) - "New wave's first baby steps."Q (3/93, p.98) - 5 Stars - Indispensable - "...their delightfully offhand garage rock recalled [singer/songwriter] Richman's mentors, The Velvet Underground, and the cornbread naivete of 1962. He tapped into rock & roll's innocent roots to create a personal landscape..."Q (11/03, p.136) - 4 stars out of 5 - "...Pretty damn essential..."Uncut (2/04, p.90) - "[T]here's a sincerity in his timbre and pithiness to his lyrics that make Richman's lovelorn protestations seem like those of a genuine poet..."No Depression (p.91) - "Drummer David Robinson and bassist Ernie Brooks are a stellar rhythm section throughout."0.1788123

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Rolling Stone (6/11/98, p.122) - 3.5 Stars (out of 5) - "...his incandescent pop songwriting, piano-based melodies and cool, brooding tenor combine on compositions that range from droll lounge ballads...to orchestral noir....if the songs...remind you of old pop standards, it's because they're so damn classy."Spin (1/99, p.91) - Ranked #17 on Spin's list of "Top 20 Albums of '98."Spin (7/98, pp.122-124) - 7 (out of 10) - "...his talent is huge, and so original that trendmongers who make it their business to announce a pop revolution every fiscal quarter are unlikely to understand it....The nice thing about Wainwright's lyricism is that he's definitely no ironist. On the contrary, he's in love with beauty..."Entertainment Weekly (5/22/98, pp.68-69) - "...RUFUS WAINWRIGHT often feels like the soundtrack to a never-released film from the '30s...the album is utterly charming, and Wainwright has managed to avoid the hokey, wax-museum tendencies of a Michael Feinstein. Roll over, Chuck Berry, and tell Irving Berlin the news." - Rating: A-CMJ (1/11/99, p.3) - "...flair for the dramatic makes the young singer's dubut a thrilling, iconoclastic album - few recent performers have crafted orchestrated pop this deep, this dramatic or this dazzling..."0.1461642

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