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"...Huge hearted, immaculately cast and jammed with rewindables..." -- 4 out of 5 Stars Total Film "...Cusack demonstrates his character's fundamental decency....[His] underlying steadiness anchors the film..." -- Rating: B+ Entertainment Weekly "...The surest thing here is the inspiration guiding [the film makers]....Beguiling..." New York Times "...Cusack and Zuniga are real finds, as talented as they are intelligent....Lots of film have sweetness and humor, but THE SURE THING also has smarts..." Los Angeles Times "...A refreshing, charming and quietly wonderful love story..."Chicago Sun-Times "Rob Reiner directed THE SURE THING as the follow-up project to his untoppable THIS IS SPINAL TAP, and it's still one of his best..." USA Today "[T]his is a near-not perfect comedy that demonstrates Reiner's sure hand in any genre." Uncut30.56298

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"Heather Locklear delivered everything MELROSE needed: camp, conflict, and humor. She put hilariously vicious spin on her dialogue." -- Grade: BEntertainment Weekly26.23911

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