dashiell-hammett,Defender [Limited Edition], Brick [DVD] [2006] [1 disc] [Multilingual] [Region 1], Miller's Crossing [DVD] [Widescreen] [1993] [English] [Region 1]
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3 stars out of 4 -- "Johnson plunges off the deep end, risking ridicule by shaping this spellbinder with grit and gravitas....Johnson's BRICK is the stuff that dreams are made of." Rolling Stone "This high school film noir deserves credit for novelty. Writer-director Rian Johnson also has a rare gift for language." Movieline's Hollywood Life "BRICK is all about style and sass....But Johnson also grabs hold a fundamental truth and seduces us with it: the schoolyard can be the noirest burg of all." -- Grade: B+ Entertainment Weekly "Johnson pulls his hipster revisionism with cine-savvy brilliance and twitchy laughs....Bursts of action arrive with a wallop..." Total Film "BRICK takes two very disparate genres, film noir detective mysteries and high school dramas, and melds them into one intriguing premise, with original dialogue and a distinctive visual style."USA Today "What it borrows from noir is not simply a set of style cues, but a sense of obsessiveness, solemnity and encroaching social breakdown, which serves as a satisfying metaphor for the self-enclosed, self-regulating society occupied by teenagers." Sight and Sound "While BRICK is chock-full of the characters, language and imager of classic noir, it is in fact set among contemporary teenagers." Box Office 4 stars out of 4 -- "The most eccentric feature to emerge from the US indie scene in years....One of the pleasures of 2006."Uncut 4 stars out of 5 -- "Johnson creates a complex, sophisticated thriller that audaciously fuses two disparate genres....Gordon-Levitt delivers an intense and focused performance."Ultimate DVD0.3131345

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"...Spare, resonant and astonishingly beautiful....A jewel of a gangster film..." Rolling Stone "...MILLER'S CROSSING assumes a precision of correspondence between content and form which is all to rare in the cinema today..." Sight and Sound "...The film is a primer in screen virtuosity....Both film and actors somehow manage to seem realistic and stylized at the same time..." -- 4 out of 4 stars USA Today "...MILLER'S CROSSING is a stately and respectful genre treatise....Joel and Ethan Coen are meticulous filmmakers....It's filled with a great deal of beauty, skill, and a kind of ironic truth..." Film Comment "...[An] elegiac, stylish gangster movie....It has somber, poetic images and an especially fine musical score that braids its Irish themes together hauntingly..." Los Angeles Times "...This is the most elegant, most forceful and -- arguably -- simply the best film the Coen brothers have yet produced..." Total Film0.2505076

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