diane-ladd,Stephen King Presents Kingdom Hospital, A Kiss Before Dying [DVD] [] [1991] [English] [Region 1], Touched by an Angel - The Third Season: Vol. 2, The World's Fastest Indian [DVD]
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"...Dillon is a potent combination of looks, charm and menace..." Rolling Stone "...Dillon gives a fine, easy portrayal....Pop movie making to be enjoyed without guilt..." New York Times25.87894

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"Reunited with the director some 20 years after the two worked together on THE BOUNTY. Hopkins savors every bit of business as his Burt charms everyone in his path." -- Grade: B- Entertainment Weekly "This is a film that wears a smile button on its sleeve along with its happy heart. It believes that most people are absolutely wonderful, and it is well enough made so that a dusting of that dogged optimism is bound to rub off on you." New York Times "Anthony Hopkins gives a super, understated performance; he never begs for sympathy as he disappears inside the crusty character." Movieline's Hollywood Life "[Q]uite irresistible, largely thanks to the most cherishable performance that Anthony Hopkins has given in years." Sight and Sound "[The DVD] exhibits a generally soft easy-on-the-eyes quality that is complementary to the period of the story." Widescreen Review 5 stars out of 5 -- "[B]oth a hugely entertaining sports adventure and a touching biopic that will have you cheering at the screen." Ultimate DVD0.2161479

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