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"...Furlong and Dafoe work well together, and they are joined by a strong and, in some cases, surprising supporting cast....It is this cast that lends integrity to such sensitive material..."Box Office "...Buscemi's ANIMAL FACTORY is distinguished from top to bottom with actors as intensely committed as he is....Maintained throughout is an almost eerie atmosphere of tension barely contained by stoicism, even a kind of grace..."Los Angeles Times "...As a director Steve Buscemi inspires actors to do some of their most finely shaded work....Willem Dafoe steals the picture with his comic timing..."New York Times "...Buscemi displays a pinpoint humanity, reminiscent of Jonathan Demme, that lays bare the inner turmoil of everyone on screen..."Entertainment Weekly "...Gripping....Buscemi honours Bunker's tale by lensing with an assured, unfussy touch..."Total Film "...Buscemi's bravely ambitious film scores high on integrity and earnest complexity....ANIMAL FACTORY is a film of memorable moments..."Sight and Sound6.319969

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