elizabeth-banks,The Uninvited [DVD] [Sensormatic Packaging; Widescreen], Meet Dave [DVD] [Canadian; Dual Side; Sensormatic; Widescreen], Role Models [DVD] [Unrated]
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"[A] well-crafted film....THE UNINVITED begins with a classically Freudian situation....When a movie like this is done well, it's uncommon. THE UNINVITED is done well."Chicago Sun-Times "A stylish horror thriller in the vein of THE RING, it's well-acted, frightening and handsomely produced."USA Today "First-time directors Thomas and Charles Guard give the action a glossy polish and a properly measured pace. They also maintain the right narrative balance."Washington Post24.23379

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"Murphy makes his face a blank slate....There's a hint of deviltry in his stone-featured Buster Keaton gaze....Eddie Murphy still has the gift of surprise." -- Grade: BEntertainment Weekly24.23379

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3 stars out of 4 -- "It's killer funny. Cheers to Paul Rudd...who takes just the right wry comic tone as Danny....Ripe, rowdy fun."Rolling Stone "[ROLE MODELS] amuses throughout. That's in large part due to the stars, whose roles very much play to their familiar comic strengths..."Variety 3 stars out of 4 -- "Misfits and misanthropes are the heroes of ROLE MODELS, a surprisingly clever comedy....It is consistently funny, largely because of the sharp dialogue..."USA Today "ROLE MODELS wouldn't be anything without Mintz-Plasse....[His] camera presence is at once unfailingly modest and distinctive."Los Angeles Times "ROLE MODELS is the kind of movie you don't see every day, a comedy that is funny....There are nicely drawn supporting characters..."Chicago Sun-Times "The fun of ROLE MODELS is that it's a high-concept movie executed with speed and finesse and the kind of brusquely tossed-off scene banter that can get you laughing before you know what hit you." -- Grade: B+Entertainment Weekly 4 stars out of 5 -- "[I]t transcends its high concept through strong performances, filthy-smart patter, a winning affection for all its core characters and ability to hit its emotional targets without descending into slush."Empire 4 stars out of 5 -- "The cast is good enough to make it all seem like snarky improv, especially Paul Rudd....ROLE MODELS is positively grinchy -- and all the funnier for it."Total Film "[I]t's a self-improvement comedy that hits every beat on time....Rudd and Scott hail from different universes of movie comedy, but manage together here just fine..."Hollywood Reporter20.79324

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