emma-roberts,Wild Child [Blu-ray], It's Kind of a Funny Story [DVD], Aquamarine [DVD] [Movie Cash; Dual Side], Bed of Roses [9780425230077]
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"Natasha Richardson is fitfully amusing as the gently sarcastic headmistress..."Sight and Sound23.97639

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"IT'S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY is kind of a perfect coming-of-age comedy....Fleck and Boden break the fourth wall brilliantly and frequently, and that inventiveness is one of the film's great charms."Los Angeles Times 3 stars out of 4 -- "There is both poignancy and humor -- sometimes at the same time -- in this tale of an emotionally stressed teen who checks himself into a mental hospital."USA Today "[E]ngaging and sweet, with a nice feel for the purgatory-like blankness of mental hospital life..."A.V. Club "Galifianakis funnels all of his quirks...into the service of rounding out the character. It's less a selfless performance than one that's full of self; it's haphazardly but effectively Methodlike."Movieline "[With] some lovely visual and aural grace notes, including bits of sweet animation, music by Broken Social Scene, and the wacky sight of Galifianakis disguised in doctor scrubs." -- Grade: BEntertainment Weekly 3 stars out of 4 -- "Galifianakis is a comic force of nature, but he digs down here and delivers a beautifully nuanced performance that gets under your skin. Just like the movie."Rolling Stone23.97375

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"[A] sweet comedy for the crowd that has outgrown THE LITTLE MERMAID..." New York Times "[A] likable tale of friendship and charming performances."USA Today 3 stars out of 5 -- "Cute, charming....It's essentially SPLASH for 13-year-olds." Total Film "It strives, with some success, to be both whimsical and hip. It is aimed squarely at little girls, who may thrill to its fascination..." Sight and Sound23.89928

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