fanny-ardant,The Secrets, Change My Life, 8 Women [Widescreen] [2003] [Multilingual] [Region 1], The Trial Begins, Ridicule [DVD] [Region 1]
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"[A]fter two French characters, one played by the great actress Fanny Ardant, are introduced, the movie becomes an intriguing, occasionally discordant hybrid of austere Israeli and voluptuous French filmmaking traditionsNew York Times "Avi Nesher's THE SECRETS, a deeply involving melodrama, has all the devices to draw us into this story....It is gently and powerfully acted."Chicago Sun-Times "THE SECRETS manages to weave mystery, mysticism, love and religious exploration into a mostly absorbing story....Emotionally moving performances by Ardant, Bukstein and Shtamler in particular, keep you with this small but provocative film until the end."Los Angeles Times34.48893

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"...8 WOMEN enjoins eight of France's finest actresses in a giddily amusing Agatha Christie-style whodunit....Fun..." Box Office "...Cineasts and worshippers of les femmes at their most fatales will find this farce wonderfully fierce..." Premiere "...Both camp and true, a warped adoration of star-quality actresses as amazing creatures who can project the lives of fictional characters as well as the essence of their own fabulous selves..." Entertainment Weekly "...All eight women are something to see and marvel at. Whatever you call this one-of-a-kind bonbon spiked with wit and malice, it's classic oo-la-la" Rolling Stone "...8 WOMEN is a feast. Each performance is beautifully controlled, notably Huppert's devastating comic turn..." Sight and Sound 4 stars out of 5 -- "The result manages to keep you entertained -- and guessing -- until the end."Empire34.08805

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"...Elegant....There's a contemporary lesson in this somewhere..." -- Rating: BEntertainment Weekly 4 stars out of 5 -- "RIDICULE thrives on slippery language, delivered precisely....It's a tale of dirty water and dirtier wit."Total Film "...What is fascinating about RIDICULE is that so much depends on language, and so little is really said..."Chicago Sun-Times "A masterclass in costume drama....[A] sumptuous and sensual tale of an idealistic young aristocrat's battle of wits at the court of Louis XVI..."Sight and Sound "RIDICULE is a spirited period romp with a justly celebrated opening....Charles Berling excels as the provincial nobleman..."Sight and Sound29.5912

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