fela-kuti,Liberation Afro Beat, Vol. 1, Think Tank [Special Edition] [Digipak], Afrobeat...No Go Die!: Trans-Global African Funk Grooves
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CMJ (5/29/00, p.24) - "...Bridges Fela Kuti's music with the present by perpetuating the deeply infectious dance groove of chants, wah-wah guitar, percussion and horns..."Dirty Linen (8-9/01, pp.50-1) - "...One of the year's top world music albums..."Mojo (Publisher) (9/01, p.143) - "...Fierce, raw and fantastic..."0.7136935

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Rolling Stone (12/25/03, p.104) - Included in Rolling Stone's "50 Best Albums of 2003"Rolling Stone (5/15/03, p.128) - 4 stars out of 5 - "...There are flashes of punk and fresh hints of world music..."Spin (6/03, p.100) - "...The album shuffles and grooves like Fela Kuti sloshed on gin and tonics..." - Grade: AQ (01/01/04, p.83) - Ranked #2 in Q's "The 50 Best Albums of 2003" - "[A]n inspired punk rock/world music hybrid....THINK TANK proudly measure[s] up to Blur's very best work."Uncut (01/04, pp.84-7) - Ranked #62 in Uncut's "Albums Of The Year 2003"Uncut (6/03, pp.90-1) - 5 stars out of 5 - "...Albarn has a seemingly endless capacity to absorb new ideas and come up with something fresh and different every time..."CMJ (5/12/03, p.8) - "...THINK TANK is an exploration of beats and grooves that seems to have sent almost all the guitars packing with the guitarist....Blur without Graham is a strange concept. But it's also one that works..."Mojo (Publisher) (01/01/04, p.60) - Ranked #3 in Mojo's "The Best of 2003"Mojo (Publisher) (5/03, pp.88-9) - 4 stars out of 5 - "...Invigorating and intriguing, as hummable as it is inventive....It's also very possibly the best thing Blur have done..."0.3568467

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