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"Mr. Depp and Ms. Winslet are pleasant to watch..."New York Times "[A] lovely, poignant and in some ways old-fashioned movie....The story is told gently and simply without excess sentimentality."USA Today "Depp and Winslet share a rare combination of airiness, earthiness and sharp, wry intelligence. With his gleaming black hair, quiet grace and molten eyes, Depp makes Barrie's ability to conjure imaginary worlds seem magical."Los Angeles Times "FINDING NEVERLAND is studded with little pleasures....The movie glows..." Entertainment Weekly "Winslet brims with warmth, and Julie Christie gives a tart performance....All the actors benefit from the sensitive hand of director Marc Forster..." Movieline's Hollywood Life "[G]lorious entertainment. It shimmers with the promise of enchantment....The film sparks with comic life..." Rolling Stone "[I]t's about the creative process, the power of the imagination and the place where imagination dwells..." Uncut "[T]his is sweet without being sugary..." Total Film 4 stars out of 5 -- "[A]n engrossing period piece with stunning scenery, beautiful costumes and sweet flights of fancy as we enter the world of Barrie's unbridled imagination."Ultimate DVD0.2752221

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3 stars out of 5 -- "Sending up his bullish, hotel-clerk-bashing tabloid image, Russ delivers a turn that's honey-glazed like a prime ham."Total Film 4 stars out of 5 -- "An enjoyably warm and unpretentious adaptation....This is a bright and breezy tale that makes full use of the beautiful French countryside."Ultimate DVD0.2293518

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"TWO BROTHERS succeeds as an inspirational pastorale and passionate moral brief for animal rights and preservation." New York Times "Imagine the most breathtaking wildlife special you've ever seen, and you're halfway there. Except that these big felines can act as well as any A-lister." Uncut0.2293518

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