friends-of-dean-martinez,Random Harvest [Friends of Dean Martinez], A Place in the Sun [Friends of Dean Martinez] [823276202929], Keep Left, Vol. 1: A Benefit for David Barsamain and Alternative Radio
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Magnet (p.93) - "RANDOM HARVEST is anything but background music. It's a white-knuckled ride straight into oblivion."66.63835

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Q (7/00, p.116) - 3 stars out of 5 - "...A return to band-oriented sounds and a move to serious brainfodder....A cut above the pack."Magnet (6-7/00, pp.81-2) - "...Using the occasional mariachi feel and hard-edged guitar perspective....[they] continue to stretch the boundaries of Americana to the furthest extreme."Mojo (Publisher) (11/00, p.96) - "...Delves into Morricone moodiness, atmospheric desert guitarings and filmic instrumentals..."57.11859

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