geena-davis,Stuart Little 2 [DVD] [Widescreen] [2002] [1 disc] [Multilingual] [Region 1], The Fly [DVD Boxset] [Academy Awards Collection], Tootsie [DVD] [25th Anniversary Edition]
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"...The animation is so vibrant that you can practically reach out and touch the fur and feathers....STUART LITTLE 2 is lively..." Entertainment Weekly "...Stuart himself is plucky and adventurous....[He] is a marvel of computer graphics....STUART LITTLE 2 has even snappier action sequences than the first film..." New York Times "...The adventures of the 3-inch mouse who walks like a man now have more visual flair....The addition of a pair of birds to STUART 2's cast of characters is also a plus..." Los Angeles Times "...STUART LITTLE 2 is more fun than its predecessor....The look of the film, with lots of yellows and reds, is sunnier and brighter, and the humor is edgier..." USA Today "...There are thrilling sequences....[With] some of the same charm, if not the same genius, as the movies about Babe the pig..." Chicago Sun-Times "...Sweetly tuned for the tot set..." Box Office "...The CG work is uniformly excellent....The brightly detailed effects work is of a piece with the movie's winningly crafted sense of artifice..." Sight and Sound27.21511

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"...[Cronenberg] is expertly able to create some shocking scenes....Visually intriguing..." Variety "...THE FLY plunges deeper into the forbidding realm of genetic dysfunction with genuinely unsettling results....It unfolds with such eerie grandeur that it will leave you stoked with a creepy high for hours after you've left the theater..." Los Angeles Times "[T]ouching and humorous." Total Film "THE FLY explores hidden fears of sex and reproduction, but it also allows a tenderness to blossom between Mr. Goldblum and Ms. Davis that is touching and exceptional in his work." New York Times "[T]his is a perfectly structured film....Typical of Cronenberg is the combination of graphic sickness and good humour that accompanies Brundle's metamorphosis..."Empire 5 stars out of 5 -- "Davis delivers one of her finest performances....It's easy to see how this masterpiece established Cronenberg as a bastion of the body-horror genre."Ultimate DVD0.3619751

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"...TOOTSIE is an extremely funny movie..." Sight and Sound "...Remarkably funny and entirely convincing....[The] film instantly takes flight with charm and confidence and stays aloft thereafter..." Variety "...Better than ever and looking better than ever..." USA Today "Hoffman had more than proven his chop by then; but this drama-comedy, male-female dichotomy of a film was something else again." Premiere "TOOTSIE earned 10 Oscar nods and remains a masterful farce..." -- Grade: A-Entertainment Weekly 4 stars out of 5 -- "[The] gender-bender farce is still a gas, Hoff on virtuoso form as a turbulent actor flunking on Broadway....Something special."Empire 4 stars out of 5 -- "[B]y playing its farcical situation for real, Dusty, Sydney et al were able to sprinkle the laughs with some serious musings on gender stereotyping and the differences between the sexes."Total Film 3 stars out of 5 -- "[T]here's some Wilder-ish wit..."Uncut0.2262344

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