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Entertainment Weekly (3/10/00, pp.71-2) - "...compelling tales of love - new, betrayed...enduring, and out of reach - on his fetching fourth solo CD....what he lacks in subtlety, he makes up for in heart." - Rating: B+Muzik (4/00, p.106) - 4 out of 5 - "...this one sophisticated slice of laid back, smooth soul....its fresh approach in the lyric its saving grace..."Vibe (11/99, p.198) - "...[This] seductively slick LP is full of deftly syncopated, state-of-the-street arrangements that are offset by candid, nicely gritty lyrics....[his] moonstruck spirit seems as familiar as a classic love song, and as timeless."77.43526

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Rolling Stone (11/13/03, p.94) - 3 stars out of 5 - "...[Levert] sings with calm and precision....His delivery is so slick and honest that it reads as supreme confidence, the gift of a man emboldened by the depth of his passion..."61.94821

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Vibe (6/96, p.135) - "...most of the songs on his new KEITH SWEAT are about intimacy and love....But by no means has he gone all smooth. The Harlem-bred crooner can still work the street..."0.3964227

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Rolling Stone (8/3/00, pp.55-6) - 3 stars out of 5 - "...Barely half the songs are mere vocal showcases. Divas being divas, it's no surprise that the album's standouts include most of the tracks she didn;t compose...[but] the album bodes well for her songwriting future..."Entertainment Weekly (7/7/00, p.130) - "...Despite a penchant for souled-out cliches...[the] scorching ballads...and the hip-hop 'Like You Do'...demonstrate a welcome un-diva-like approachability." - Rating: BThe Source (7/00, p.216) - "...Kelly shows signs of a diva in waiting, taking more control of her feelings and her relationships..."0.3468699

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Vibe (12/00, p.198) - 4 stars out of 5 - "...Music that compels you to dance and think....This balance between head and hips keeps the soundtrack beguiling..."The Source (10/00, p.264) - "...A plethora of big-name recording artists whose collective sound keeps the flow harmonious....there are more than enough tight tracks on this to make you feel like you weren't bamboozled..."0.297317

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Entertainment Weekly (9/21/01, p.84) - "Levert ably carries the torch for warm '70s soul....These tunes don't try to blaze trails, but keep home fires burning." - Rating: B20.14772

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The Source (9/98, p.256) - "...LOVE & CONSEQUENCE is more than just an homage to the glory days of yore....Gerald meshes his loverman attitude with a b-boy bounce..."0.657098

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