greta-scacchi,Love and Rage, Cotton Mary [DVD] [Widescreen] [2001] [Multilingual] [Region 1], The Player [Blu-ray], Presumed Innocent [DVD] [Widescreen] [1991] [Multilingual] [Region 1]
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"...The understanding of the subject matter brings resonance and authentic surprise to many scenes..."Box Office "...Among the finest films the Merchant Ivory company has ever made....It is a splendid and subtle evocation of India in the post-colonial era..." Los Angeles Times "...Jaffrey manages to steal the movie from co-star Scacchi, who gives one of the best performances of her career..." USA Today30.18691

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"...What makes THE PLAYER the best and boldest American comedy in years is Altman's wizardry at leavening anger with cathartic wit..." Rolling Stone Ranked #8 in Entertainment Weekly's "10 Favorite Films of the 90's" - "...Altman's ticklish satire can stand with his timeless work..." Entertainment Weekly "...So entertaining, so flip and so genially irreverent that it seems to announce the return of the great gregarous film maker....The members of the huge cast seem to be having a great night out on the town..." New York Times "...THE PLAYER is a true comeback film for Altman -- a return, after more than 15 years, to the infinitely sly and supple virtuosity that marked his great film of the '70s..." Entertainment Weekly "...An artful stiletto aimed at the bashful heart of Hollywood....An extremely pointed and knowing show-biz dissection..." Los Angeles Times "...THE PLAYER is a smart movie, and a funny one. It is also absolutely of our time..." Chicago Sun-Times "...[The film] includes the greatest tracking shot this side of TOUCH OF EVIL and cameos from everyone: Bruce Willis, John Cusack, Julia Roberts..." Total Film 5 stars out of 5 -- "Altman set about mocking the hypocrisy of the business that had exiled him. In the guise of a black-comic thriller, he exposed the Hollywood malaise. And Hollywood loved him for it."Empire29.80891

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"...A smart, passionate, steadily engrossing thriller..." Rolling Stone "...[Winfield] has an imposing presence..." Sight and Sound "...Brilliant casting.Harrison Ford, aging nicely, registers just the right mix of outrage and weary bewilderment..."USA Today "...Pakula has directed an intense, enveloping, gratifyingly thorough screen adaptation..." New York Times "...[Julia] steals his scenes....[A] tightly wound thriller" Entertainment Weekly "...Intelligent, complex and enthralling, PRESUMED INNOCENT is one of those rare films where all the players seem to be in a state of grace..." Los Angeles Times0.3780009

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