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"Director Gurinder Chadha fills the screen with colorful settings and musical numbers. You walk out in an ebullient mood."Movieline's Hollywood Life "[T]he female lead, Indian superstar Aishwarya Rai, is both beautiful and skilled: a delight to watch."Premiere "[T]his festively busy and exuberantly multicultural charmer is its own intriguingly postmodern creation..."Entertainment Weekly "[Chadha] keeps the movie alive with swirling color, music and movement. The songs are deliciously silly..."Rolling Stone "[L]ively and cheerful....There's a real sense of unbridled spectacle here..."Los Angeles Times65.08714

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"...The large cast of characters is beautifully delineated....The movie's humor and rambunctiousness save the day..." Movieline's Hollywood Life "Culture and sports have never clashed as winningly as in BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM....A rare amalgam of funny, sweet, action-packed and inspiring..." USA Today "...Writer-director Gurinder Chadha juggles all the angles with flair and fairness. Like Nagra and Knightley, the movie is a sweetheart... Rolling Stone "BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM is the most exhilarating movie so far this year.....Made with a craftsmanship and pizzazz that restores your appreciation for honest commercial moviemaking..." Entertainment Weekly "...A terrifically charming and energetic film about pursuing your dream..."Premiere "...Purely enjoyable...What makes is special is the bubbling energy of the cast and the warm joy with which Gurinder Chadha tells the story..." Chicago Sun-Times "...[The film] plays like a combo of LOVE AND BASKETBALL and a much better MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING..." Film Comment64.93755

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 Page of 1