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"THE CHASER evokes both film noir, in its conflicted hero and its moody shots of nighttime Seoul, and America's most influential 21st-century cultural export, the television police procedural, in its straightforward storytelling."New York Times "THE CHASER is an expert serial-killer film from South Korea....The film's structure is relentless in maintaining suspense."Chicago Sun-Times16.7622

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"South Korean filmmaker Ryoo Seung-wan brings his brand of muscular action and quicksilver agility to the shifting battleground of international espionage."New York Times "THE BERLIN FILE boasts knockout action setpieces that provide an impressive big-budget showcase for Ryoo Seung-wan's technical smarts."Variety13.60646

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"The film is a breakneck mix of bone-crunching freneticism and bloody close-quarters knife-fighting with a strand of romantic melancholy."Los Angeles Times11.00539

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