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"...WAKING THE DEAD scores on the obsessive-love front..."Premiere "...Crudup etches a corrosive portrait of a man coming apart..."Movieline's Hollywood Life "...An often impressive intimacy....Visually enticing..." Entertainment Weekly "...Mr. Crudup is a creditable actor who puts a great deal of craft into his performance....Ms. Connelly captures a burning ethereality and willfulness that are very much of the period..." New York Times "WAKING THE DEAD is a powerful story of love and politics in the '70s and '80s and their bittersweet aftermath. It is a film of uncommon intelligence and rigor that illuminates a complex era..." Los Angeles Times "...WAKING THE DEAD has a good heart and some fine performances....It's a sweet film..."Chicago Sun-Times25.76579

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"...Funny..."USA Today22.25318

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