hard-ons,Stranger Than Fiction [Bad Religion], This Is Bad Taste, Vol. 3 (723721006358)
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Rolling Stone (11/3/94, p.98) - 3.5 Stars - Good - "...like the Ramones' early albums, STRANGER THAN FICTION is a thrill ride that threatens to hurtle off the track at any second, the melodies coming in great, breathless bunches..."Entertainment Weekly (9/9/94, p.84) - "...What's strange about these California power punk veterans' major label debut is that their slammin' riffs, tersely punctuated guitar solos, and ambitious harmonies remained underground for so long..." - Rating: A-Q (11/94, p.105) - 4 Stars - Excellent - "...no-holds-barred yet melodic...Their battleplan is matching poignant socio-politically aware lyrics to grungy yet powerfully soaring guitar rock..."Musician (10/94, p.86) - "...On a stylistic level, Bad Religion are punk fundamentalists...yet these guys are virtual Unitarians when it comes to songwriting, opting for easily accessible pop melodies and even the occasional cushion of harmony vocals....It makes for a wonderfully bracing album..."NME (Magazine) (10/15/94, p.55) - 8 - Excellent - "...Bad Religion write great tunes...that place them firmly within that fine punk rock tradition of The Ramones and the sadly neglected Hard-Ons..."0.18229

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