harold-ramis,The Ice Harvest [DVD] [Widescreen], Multiplicity [DVD] [Includes Theatrical Trailer; Closed Caption], The Last Kiss [DVD] [Widescreen Version], Stripes [DVD] [Extended Cut], National Lampoon's Animal House [DVD] [Double Secret Probation Edition; Widescreen]
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"[A]n acerbic, unpretentious black-comedy thriller, directed by Harold Ramis with mature glee, and written by Richard Russo and Robert Benton with grown-up literacy..." -- Grade: A- Entertainment Weekly 4 stars out of 5 -- "THE ICE HARVEST is a modest movie, but worth savouring for its throwaway wit and bruised, rueful cynicism." Uncut "[Thornton] is as adept as ever at deadpan heartlessness....The most subversive element in the movie is the way Ramis and co. allow moments of real poignancy to occasionally pierce the film's veneer of studied cynicism." Sight and Sound62.9029

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"...[Keaton] is hilarious....MacDowell is beguilingly bemused..."Rolling Stone "...[The effects are] vaultingly spectacular....[Keaton] confirms his perceptive versatility as a comic..." Sight and Sound "...Keaton is the linchpin in this marriage of script, technical wizardry and performance....The brilliance of the piece is in the actor's deft method....It is a true tour de force..."Variety "...Keaton's ability to create distinct and coherent clones and to interact realistically with his other selves is something to see..." Los Angeles Times62.32791

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3 stars out of 5 -- "[T]he SCRUBS man is a star made, taking his easy GARDEN STATE charm and tagging on a thirtysomething maturity certain to make him a celluloid fixture for years. Rachel Bilson, too, makes giant strides..."Total Film "An intelligent examination of dreams deferred....This film cuts pretty deep."Box Office 3 stars out of 5 -- "[A] decidedly adult and reflective look at the complex issues of love and commitment. Beautifully shot and with a great cast..."Ultimate DVD33.5396

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"...Cheerful....Ramis and Candy are wildly funny..." Variety "Ivan Reitman directs this early comedy from the SNL crew, with Bill Murray tweaking his deadpan hangdog expression." Uncut29.84227

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"...There's enough bite and bawdiness in the Matty Simmon-Ivan Reitman production to provide lots of smile and several broad guffaws..." Variety "...Stupidly funny....Rent it again and see if you don't laugh..." Entertainment Weekly "...Cheerfully sleazy....Innocent fun..." New York Times "...There's sophistication under the slapstick..."Total Film "[With an] infectious burlesque spirit and deft use of gross-out humor..." Premiere "[J]oyously, liberatingly infantile....It's Belushi, as Delta's wildman-mascot Bluto, who informs the film's raucous, anarchic spirit."New York Times0.1980454

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