henry-hull,Harvey [DVD] [1996] [1 disc] [Multilingual] [Region 1], Before the Blues, Vol. 1: The Early American Black Music Scene, The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
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"...[Stewart gives] a gentle, philosophical performance in a gentle, philosophical film..." Total Film "In 1950, Stewart was clearly looking to broaden his range....[He's] at home here in laid-back farce..." Sight and Sound27.95825

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Spin (6/96, p.117) - "...an eerie blend of Appalchian balladry, fiddle breakdowns, ragtime beats, and revival moans. When roots is what you crave, dig deep."Mojo (Publisher) (6/96, p.124) - "...almost 70 tracks of songs and music from the era when the emerging blues had not yet obliterated the rags, reels and ballads that preceded it... moving and illuminating music....The sound engineering is terrific..."New York Times (Publisher) (4/14/96, Sec.2, p.30) - "...BEFORE THE BLUES offers a tour of folk ballads, ragtime melodies, church hymns and breakdown dances that is as listenable as it is enlightening..."0.1444715

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Entertainment Weekly (p.69) - "[O]ld-time country music, early blues, and gospel....The recordings -- of varying brilliance -- are grail-like rarities."Living Blues (p.76) - "House was the greatest of all the 'deep' Delta singers, and this was his greatest recording session. The guitar work is crisp, with his usual unerring rhythmic control, and his voice is magnificent."No Depression (p.100) - "There are fetching country blues tracks.....It's all put together with enthusiasm and tongue-in-cheek ribbing of the collecting bug."Mojo (Publisher) (p.110) - 4 stars out of 5 -- "[A] glittering parade of mountain stringbands and sanctified preachers, fiddle and harmonica tunes, banjo songs and guitar blues..."0.1155772

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