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Alternative Press (2/00, p.95) - 3 out of 5 - "...QUEST's quasi-medievalism comes off...genteel, reserved and...highbrow. The smattering of brilliance evidenced by a handful of tracks here, particularly the substantially fiery 10-minute 'Xenantaya'..."The Wire (1/00, p.94) - " important event to anyone who has followed the Zeroes this far....First-timers may find...their gothicky...compositions somewhat heavy and overwrought....a studious unraveling of classical rock themes....[Their] music can be blindingly illuminating."11.04851

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Entertainment Weekly (7/26/02, p.68) - "...A journey across a blasted landscape of arid loneliness, interupted by moments of surreal utterly typical piece of witty Ubu absurdity." - Rating: B+Q (6/02, p.120) - 3 stars out of 5 - "...Thomas's reedy, mass murderer vocals remain as unlikely as they are compelling while the spiky, sometimes challenging music is seldom without a groove....In a cultural climate where anger wears big shorts, all hail the suited Kings Of Being Archly Annoyed."Alternative Press (8/02, p.80) - 7 out of 10 - "...For a different band, this would be a throwback album, one meant to convince fans that time hadn't eroded their mission or authenticity, but Pere Ubu are less interested in revisiting their version of the '70s than they are in adding one more piece of strange territory to the map Thomas has spent his entire career drawing."The Wire (7/02, p.60) - "...ST ARKANSAS is the most focused, succinct and downright enjoyable Pere Ubu album to emerge since their reformation in the late 1980s..."CMJ (6/17/02, p.11) - "...A dark, smoky and decidedly lonesome road through the singer's head..."Mojo (Publisher) (6/02, p.122) - "...Immediate, energised and claustrophobic; redolent of late-night TV and transistor radio rather than the widescreen....It's difficult to think of a more important band currently working..."1.112902

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