iron-butterfly,Light and Heavy: The Best of Iron Butterfly, Metamorphosis [Iron Butterfly] [CD] [1 disc] [081227152222], Instant Party: More 70's Rock
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Q (7/93, p.108) - 4 Stars - Excellent - "...contains everything from [the album] IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA but contents itself, understandably, with the single edit of the title track rather than the full, insane, 17-minute bonanza...something any self-respecting weird record collection should contain..."NME (Magazine) (3/13/93, p.33) - "...cut through the hippy dross to the solid steel heart of their music and Led Zeppelin sound almost quaint by comparison..."76.02273

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Rolling Stone (10/29/70, p.46) - "...about as subtle as a club, with orgasmic vocals falling into roars and grunts, and a rhythmic emphasis that's like a punch in the nose..."75.84084

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