isabelle-huppert,I Heart Huckabees [DVD Boxset] [2-Disc Special Edition], 8 Women [Widescreen] [2003] [Multilingual] [Region 1]
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"[The film] captures liberal-left despair with astonishingly good humor..."New York Times "[E]xuberant and often poignant....Schwartzman and Law are pitch-perfect in their roles..."Los Angeles Times "[W]hat emerges is part screwball comedy, absurdist farce, social satire and earnest self-exploration....Director Robert Zemeckis' feature debut truly encapsulates that time."USA Today "[With] imaginatively conceived and executed special effects....By far the most original comedy of the year." Premiere "Russell is a true original. It's not in his DNA to play it safe....HUCKABEES is one more reason to follow him anywhere." Rolling Stone "There's a transgressive thrill in watching Huppert....Russell shares Kaufman's attention to the banal, and like ADAPTATION, this is a story that comments on its own unfolding." Sight and Sound "HUCKABEES is like no other film you've seen....It's full of ideas, non-sequiturs and puzzles, and insanely inspired..." Uncut "David O. Russell has made a daring metaphysical comedy that touches on the insanities that rock our world."Spirituality & Health38.24258

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"...8 WOMEN enjoins eight of France's finest actresses in a giddily amusing Agatha Christie-style whodunit....Fun..." Box Office "...Cineasts and worshippers of les femmes at their most fatales will find this farce wonderfully fierce..." Premiere "...Both camp and true, a warped adoration of star-quality actresses as amazing creatures who can project the lives of fictional characters as well as the essence of their own fabulous selves..." Entertainment Weekly "...All eight women are something to see and marvel at. Whatever you call this one-of-a-kind bonbon spiked with wit and malice, it's classic oo-la-la" Rolling Stone "...8 WOMEN is a feast. Each performance is beautifully controlled, notably Huppert's devastating comic turn..." Sight and Sound 4 stars out of 5 -- "The result manages to keep you entertained -- and guessing -- until the end."Empire0.2904903

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