isadore-demsky,Greedy [DVD] [1994] [Multilingual] [Region 1], Paths of Glory [DVD] [1990] [English] [Region 1], The Man From Snowy River [DVD] [Sensormatic], The Fury [DVD], Spartacus [DVD] [Widescreen]
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"...Refreshing misanthropy....[Fox] displays deft timing and all the sprightly energy his role demands..." New York Times "...[Hartman] steals each scene he's in and makes statements...zing like the poetry of Aristophanes..." Entertainment Weekly "...D'Abo invests her role with a refreshing wit, and Douglas' iron man has just enough humanity and canniness to keep the audience off-balance and alert..." Variety "...It is gratifying to see a great veteran star in a major role....[Douglas] brings a lifetime of experience in a portrayal rich in sly, deft nuances and details..." Los Angeles Times27.94668

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"Even though Kubrick made this while still in his 20s, it is arguably his best film..." -- 5 out of 5 Stars Total Film "This is the masterpiece from Humphrey Cobb's novel that put Kubrick on the map."USA Today "[T]he film by which Stanley Kubrick entered the ranks of great directors, never to leave them."Chicago Sun-Times27.94668

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"...A rattling good adventure story....Exhilarating, heart-pounding fare..." Variety27.94668

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"...[The] score is outstanding, as is the special effects team work..." Variety "...The kind of mindless fun that only a horror movie that so seriously pretends to be about the mind can be..." New York Times27.94668

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"...Amazing depth-of-field....Terrific performances..." USA Today "...One of the last truly great Roman epics, the Kirk Douglas-starrer boasts a true cast-of-thousands battle..."Total Film "The entire film was an immediate hit with cinemagoers and the majority of critics....Unquestionably it is Douglas' film..."Empire "A truly epic production with massive battles, iconic cinematography, and a legendary cast..."Premiere27.94668

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